Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{i remember}

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today is remembrance day. we remember the soldiers who have suffered much or sacrificed their lives for freedom. i don't know why but this year this day is really hitting me hard. my heart feels heavy as i think of all the lives lost and all the suffering due to wars in our world. so much heart ache and suffering because someone wanted someone's land or someone wanted power and wealth. some wars have to happen. when forces united to save the world from hitler's power and influence, for example. when russia tried to take over finland...
my heart always goes to my grandma's younger brother who died so young. he died during the last days of the war. what a waste. what a tragedy. he was so handsome. his life was ahead of him. he played the violin. he won speedskating medals with old, worn skates. many girls' hearts were broken when he didn't come back from the war. how i love my grandma's brother even though i never met him. Y
how grateful i am to be living in a free country. i don't take it for granted and the least i can do is to honor this day and to remember.


  1. Toi on muuten tosi hyvä kappale, ennestään jo tuttu.

    ♥ It's good to remember ♥

  2. suvi: niin on. muistutti etta mun pitaa taas kuunnella dire straitsia. romeo and juliet... <3

  3. Yep we are very blessed and so grateful.


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