Sunday, November 1, 2009

{our halloween}

our halloween:
the cutest ever pirate girl
jello jigglers with worms
painted squash instead of carved pumpkins
our ward's fall party (great costumes, potluck supper, entertainment, jumping castle for kids...)
halloween party at the playschool (ghostie milk shakes, bat pinata...)
making sure sienna didn't go to any stores that had evil, nasty looking decorations/halloween products
sienna went trick or treating with daddy
robin handed out treats for trick or treaters
eating way too much sugary candy and chocolate as usual


  1. Voi kun Sienna on taas söpö!

  2. Siis tosi söpö pikkupiraatti!

  3. Suloinen. Ei voi muuta sanoa :).

  4. Ihana naamiaisasu ja kurpitsatkin taideteoksia.

  5. Yep, she is a cute pirate!
    So, were the preschool kids' costumes pretty tame? Was there any cause to worry?

  6. kiitti kaikille kehuista. :)

    amy: they were ok. the usual: puppy, frog, shark, fireman... the decorations in the room scared her a bit but she was ok.

  7. Sounds like so much fun! Very cute costume & Pirate girl!


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