Sunday, November 29, 2009

{creative note book}

the beginning of my new art/crafts idea booklet. haven't even done a cover yet or anything. finally i'll have a place where to put all my ideas and inspirations instead of finding little notes here and there. i'll use the thick yarn to bind it but first i have to add all my pages in it. i used light blue regular paper too. just folded each in half and punched holes on the open side. i'll take more pictures once the project is more done.
our home smells so wonderful thanks to scentsy ( and yep, one of our bathrooms is lime green. i love it. :)

africa. our little black boy. my baby. Y
it's hard to get pictures of him. he'll look anywhere but towards the camera.
on saturday we had our relief society (our church's women's organization) christmas party. i'm part of the enrichment committee so i got to help. the food was delicious and the music and talks wonderful. this always really gets me in the right christmas mood.
then i just had to snap this picture on my way home. i was thinking how i've got used to seeing these kinds of christmas decorations on people's yards. when i first got here, i couldn't help but shake my head. but now i love it all. it's fun to drive around and see who knows what on people's yards. sienna doesn't like the dark and it's great to be able to point out various lights and decorations and take her mind of the darkness. really fun for the kids even though it's not "tastefully decorated".


  1. I always love the R.S. Christmas dinners, ours is next week. Beautiful table!
    Don't they decorate like that in Finland? We try every year to take a night before Christmas and drive around the city looking at peoples' lights and decorations, then go home for hot chocolate.

  2. blue and white are finland's colors so i kept joking that we were celebrating finnish independence day (which is dec 6th). :) i really love all the lights now too. that's a fun tradition that you guys do. maybe we'll have to start it too.


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