Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{beautiful women}

i thought i'd do something totally different today. :) the other day i was thinking about beauty and made this list of the women whom i think are beautiful. i'm not talking about inner beauty here, of course, since i don't know these ladies. just plain old outer beauty. :)
1. angelina jolie.
what can i say. she's gorgeous. minus the tattoos. mind you, in some recent pictures she's looked way too skinny. i don't like how many hollywood actresses are into looking like they're starving. not healthy and not beautiful, in my opinion.

2. charlize theron
her eyes are amazing. i like how she looked in the movie aeonflux (the last picture). way cool! :)

3. (young) farrah facett
i used to wish i'd look like her when i was a teenager. that hair! too bad how her life turned out and you could see the troubles in her face. it just shows that beauty and fame doesn't equal happiness.

4. jennifer lopez

5. sienna miller
these are the first ones that popped in my mind. who are on your list?


  1. kauniit sivut!
    Terveiset suomesta

  2. Hauska postaus. Angelina Joliesta olen samaa mieltä, suorastaan masentavan kaunis. Tosin aavistus vulgaarisuutta joskus pilaa kokonaisuutta, herkkyys vetoaa enemmän muhun. Nuo muut eivät niinkään "kolahda" erityisesti vaikka nättejä toki. Ketähän itse lisäisin listalle... hmm, Marilyn Monroe oli kaunis, vaikka kuulostaakin kliseeltä. En saa nyt muita päähäni, pitääpä oikein miettiä.


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