Monday, March 8, 2010

{lace/doilies, part III}

i'm in love with this stencilled floor.
i think it would look cute in a girl's bedroom or even in a romantic summer cottage.
the stencil is from it's called "skylar's lace".
doily bowl by sweet paul
paper doily envelopes
doily covered rocks
doily chair by tara murray of calgary, alberta, canada
found via
wall of doilies by lisa solomon
there you have it. a whole lot of lace/doilies.
ps. just so you know - not everything i put on my blog is "my style". sometimes i just like a picture because the idea is creative or shows a new way to do something.


  1. i love the lace floor and the envelopes, do you think they would be strong enough to go through the mail or only for hand delivery?

  2. i wouldn't send those envelopes in the mail. you'd have to put them in another, regular envelope first. ha haa. :) so pretty though. they'd be great for wedding invitations though. or for hand delivery.


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