Monday, March 8, 2010

{lace/doilies, part II}

halloween pumpkins. paper doilies used as stencils.
you can use repositionable adhesive like krylon easy-tack to place a doily on something and then spraypaint it.
(images via google image search)
more doily ice decorations
(image via google image search)
michelle mason's felt rug
pillow by rowena pinto
DIA rugs
(image via google image search)
jewellery by brooke johnston
(image via google image search)
same technique as in the pumpkins used on the stool
paper doilies as stencils once again
one doily on a table = boring, old fashioned
multiple doilies sewn into a table runner = modern use of doilies
(image via google image search, looks like it could be from martha stewart though)
doily/lace inspired wedding

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