Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{kiss me i'm irish}

ok, i'm not irish but living in ireland for year and a half should count for something, right? :D
ireland will always have a special place in my heart.
how could it not?
that's where i met my husband and fell in love.

every st. paddy's day i can't help but think of the good ol' irish times and all the many fond memories.
every once in a while someone still asks me if i'm from ireland. :)

you can make shamrocks with heart rubber stamps.
hey, i've eaten shamrocks in a forest in (london)derry (take your pick)!
you know it - we'll be wearing green today and eating something green as well. maybe mint ice-cream or green jello...
the irish by the way have the best sense of humor. it's all about kissing the blarney stone, so it is.

i will always love ireland, so i will.
happy st. paddy's everyone!


  1. i love the change to your blog!!!
    and i love the snow!! tell me again how you got it!
    and i love the pictures too!!

  2. i'm feeling restless about the blog. no motivation to keep it really yet don't want to stop either. :)
    the snow: do a google search for "snow widget". i can't remember where i found mine from but that's all i did. then you just select the one for blogger. easy breeze beautiful... oh wait... :)

  3. you got to keep it going! i read it all the time!!!


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