Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{i hate it too :)}

enjoyed this book. great character portrayals and a story that captures your heart.
then i have to rave about this book. it is written by our church member, emily watts. it does have some spiritual stuff in it but i think almost any woman would love it, whether lds/christian or not. emily watts has a great sense of humor and i love it how honest and forthright she is. there was a part in this book that made me laugh so hard that jay had to come and check on me to see what was going on. maybe his wife had officially gone nuts, so to speak. :)
one of my favorite chapters in the book is the one about "motherguilt". you know what i'm talking about, right? us mothers tend to blame ourselves for anything that goes wrong with our children. listen to this one quote from the book:
"Now, here's an important question to consider: When it snows in May, do you feel guilty? Frustrated, maybe; tired of snow and ready for winter to be over, maybe; but do you feel guilty? Of course not.
Why not?

Because you don't control the weather. And it would be silly and counterproductive to assume guilt for something you had no control over in the first place."
...consider all the things about your children that you just can't control, and ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, you've been carrying around some unnecessary guilt...
Recognizing that simple fact about life is the first step in learning to let go of Motherguilt. And when you shed the guilt, somehow the frustration and the fatigue become more manageable, and you start to recognize the joy that is intended to be the greatest gift of being a mother."
anyways, what a great book! i heartily recommend this fitness program for your soul. :)

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