Thursday, April 1, 2010

{thrilled and embarrassed}

i'm kind of thrilled and very embarrassed at the same time. a while back bloesem kids blog asked people to send in ideas for a new blog banner. just for fun, i grabbed a pencil and doodled a quick thing (it took me like two minutes). never in a million years (!!) did i think it was going to be published anywhere. i just did it for fun. but ... turns out i'm entry #21. how i wish i had done it correctly with colors and proper technique. i feel silly that it's just a quick little drawing amongst the professional entries. oh well - i still like my silly drawing. go check it out:
i picked #12 as my favorite. love the font!!!
ok, the thrill has passed and now i'm just embarrassed to see my quick sketch among the professional ones. i still think the design is cute. would be nice to see it professionally done though like the others are. i didn't even scan the sketch, just took a quick picture of it. oy! :)


  1. Toi on niin sun näkönen! Sun pitäis hei tehdä sit kunnolla ITSELLESI oma banneri! :)

  2. Saat olla ylpeä, kivoja töitä kaikki, tykkään kovasti tuosta nr 21 !!!!

  3. suvi: mita vikaa on mun nykyisessa blogi bannerissa. me likey. :)

    clarissa: no kiitos. :) lahetin sen sahkiksessa ennenkuin se bloggaaja teki siita kilpailun. jos olisin tietanyt etta omani oli osa kilpailua niin olisin tehnyt sen kunnolla. mutta... oh well. :)

  4. Oh Sansku!!! It's sooooo cute!!! I love it!!! I also love #12!!

  5. Oh Sansku!!! It's sooooo cute!!! I love it!!! I also love #12!!


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