Thursday, April 22, 2010

{so my style}

it's been too long since i've raved about australian aboriginal art. the above ones are by mitjili napurrurla. she should be one of marimekko's designers for goodness sake!
love this one too by takariya napaltjarri. dots, dots and more dots. in rows. me lovey!
(all images via google image search)
nopeesti nämä tänne pannarin valmistumista odotellessa. :)
mitkä värit näissä. ah! silmä lepää.


  1. Taas näitä minunkin suosikkejani.

  2. Oh I too am such a fan of Aboriginal art but I am very choosy. Some of it is a little too busy for my taste but you have showed me some brilliant ones. Am so keeping these on file. Thank you!

    Happy Earth Day!

    x Charlotta

  3. clarissa: niinnnnnihania etta. :)

    charlotta: i don't like the really busy/colorful ones either. but there are so many simple ones like these too. if you go to my previous blog (link in the right column ----->) and look under the art label, you'll find some more awesome ones.


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