Monday, April 5, 2010

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i bought some tulips for easter and they turned out to be the suckiest tulips i've ever had. all droopy and gross. i made these simple easter cards with the photos i showed previously.
my sister-in-law and i took the kids minigolfing at the west edmonton mall. i thought i haven't shown you pictures of the ship and the bumper boats so i snapped these for ya. the rest of the mall pictures are in my previous blog under the label canada.
there are sealife caverns. sealion shows. submarine rides. we checked out the cute lemurs with their long tails this time.
huge mall. i remember how i used to get lost there when i first came to canada. now the mall seems regular sized for me. :)
people come to visit the mall from all over the world. we take it for granted and don't take advantage of the many things it offers. i'm planning to remedy that and go to the mall more often to be a tourist in my own town. :)
what's in your city that you haven't seen yet?

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