Tuesday, September 9, 2008

{elaman onnellisimpia hetkia}

Jay is going to say "man, our whole lives are for everyone to see on your blog" again. I can't help it - I LOVE these videos of Sienna dancing with her daddy. Life can't get any better than this. Y

And yes, I know, our tv room needs lots of work. It's a big mess right now. Need to buy shelves & organize everything, put the tv on the wall, get rid of the tv stand.................

No sound in these videos. I took them with our camera.

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  1. Voi miten kivoja videoita!
    Lykkya pyttyyn ison muutoksenne kanssa! On siina varmaan hetken totuttelemista, mutta kylla teille varmasti sitten taas uusi rytmi ja uudet kujeet loytyvat :D.

    Toivottavasti miehesi paasee sille haluamalleen kurssille.


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