Wednesday, September 3, 2008

{i knew it!}



*Sienna is sick. I just had a feeling she was getting sick as she had been quite tired and cranky. I'm hoping she'll be ok by Saturday so we can go on with her birthday party.

*Mellow day at home.

*Did some weeding on the back yard while Sienna played all bundled up. It feels like fall.

*I'm totally enjoying The Count of Monte Cristo book. Nice thick book too. Great for mellow days at home.

*To find the energy to start cooking supper... (I don't feel 100% either)

*Thank goodness I have some chicken from yesterday. A big pot of chicken/veggie soup will do wonders today.


  1. i love the dresser and the picture of the leaf vine shaped like a heart!
    sounds like calgary was fun!
    i too have had the "pleasure" of experiencing the same experience you did with the hippo only we didn't get the chance to have it on us!!

  2. you always find the cutest things online! hope sienna is feeling better soon. see you on saturday!!


  3. Voih, toivottavasti sairastaminen on ohi jo lauantaina, että voitte pitää kivat ja muistorikkaat juhlat.

  4. Pienen ajatuksen lahetan sairastavalle karhunpennulle, etta paranee lauantaiksi, jotta voisi pitaa kestinsa! ;)
    Aiidlleenkin jaksuja - kanakeittoa ja hiukan lepoa molemmille. :)

  5. Pitkasta aikaa kommentoin... Siennalle paljon onnea 3-v synttareiden johdosta!! Ihania kuvia, tosi sopo tytto! :-)


  6. Tervehtymistä juhlapäivään mennessä niin äidille kuin tyttärelle!

    En tiedä luetko vanhempia kommentteja mutta laitoin tuohon alemmas kommentin myös.


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