Monday, March 30, 2009

{poor kitty!}

Poor kitty had so many ouwies. Thank goodness we have a little nurse in the house. :)
New poll - what's your favorite color? Mine are silver, white and black. They're the ones that are always there. Other colors come and go. Few years back, it was all about blue. Bright blue. Even my toenails had to be blue. Blue crept into my crafts, into our home. Right now all I care is that the colors in my home are warm. Canadian winters are so cold. I need that warmth that comes from warm colors.
In 1999 there was a neat article about color in the National Geographic magazine. Some nippets of info from that article:
*Popular with European painters for three centuries, mummy was a rich brown pigment made by grinding the remains of Egyptian mummies.
*Production of Indian yellow, an artist's pigment made in India from soil soaked with the urine of cows fed on mango leaves, was outlawed because the leaves made the sacred animals ill.
*Inmates are reported to be calmer when held in cells painted a specific shade of pink. That same pink suppresses appetite, while orange stimulates it. Yellow surroundings may imrove the performance of schoolchildren.
*In the Western tradition Aristotle's belief that all colors are created by mixing black and white prevailed well into the 17th century. Even Leonardo da Vinci could not decide the question, declaring at different times that there were six primary colors, or eight. In 1613 Jesuit teacher Francois d'Aguilon declared that there were three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue, which together with white and black could be combined to make all colors.


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