Tuesday, March 10, 2009

{start them young}

Sienna has always loved helping. It used to be "helping" but today I was thinking that now she's actually starting to be a bit of a help for me at times. She helps set the table, helps clear it, etc.
I think it's important to let kids do things with you when they want to, even when they can't really help. I bought Sienna her very own little handheld broom and dustpan and when I sweep the floor, she does too. When I dust, she "dusts". When I vacuum, she "vacuums" with her "popcorn toy" (that's what we call that long toy that has little balls in it and they move, pop & make sounds when you move it back and forth). When I wash some dishes by hand, she's right there next to me standing on a chair "washing dishes". Sometimes she only copies me for 1 minute. Sometimes longer. I don't always have patience for the washing dishes part, but I try. I try to say things like "this is fun, isn't it?" so that she grows up thinking cleaning is fun. Start them when they are young and eager and maybe they'll learn to love those mundane, every day chores. Sounds good to me.
I'll never forget when this one family invited me for dinner. They had couple of young girls. That day the youngest one (I think she was about 8 or so) had made the chicken in the oven (I didn't even know how to cook a chicken in the oven back then, I was maybe 18 myself) and the older one made something else. Their mom evidentally had let her girls cook with her since they were young. So I'm starting Sienna young with that too. I show her what I'm doing when I'm cooking (when she's interested) and let her stir the food, etc.
Maybe this is something really obvious to the rest of you but I must admit that I didn't know how to cook too many foods by the time I had my own place (I was 17, mind you).
It was actually Jay who made me realize how young you can start teaching them. I kept thinking "stop bothering me when I'm cooking" kind of thoughts but then I saw Jay holding Sienna on her lap a long, long time ago while he was making scrambled eggs and she loved being involved. I realized way back then that kids are never too young. You can involve them as soon as they are interested in something. Then it won't be a battle later.
So next time your little ones bother you when you're doing chores or cooking - just get them involved. Give them their own chores to do (depending on their age & ability). It's amazing what kids can do when you just show them how. I sure enjoy doing things with her rather than by myself. Most of the time. She makes things fun. Gotta love being a parent.


  1. Samaa mieltä ja niin meilläkin tehdään mutta joskus on ihan hauska tehdä yksinkin, kun useamman lapsen kanssa tilanteet menee välistä vain tappeluksi tai kilpailuksi siitä kuka saa ja kuka osaa :D

    Meillpäin lapset ovat paljon auttavaisempia ja osallistuvampia kotitöissä kuin suomessa. Sekä tytöt että pojat.

  2. Nykyään meillä tuntuu ettei oikein yksikään lapsista halua olla mukana kuin kivoissa jutuissa ja nahistelua niissäkin riittää.
    On varmaan itsekin vähän ollut puhki, kun ei jaksa aloittaa mitään ( blogigin ollut tauolla ), saatika olla vielä innostava...mutta jospa tästä vielä kevään edetessä innostuu, aprillipäivävauvammekin kohta jo syntyy... :D
    Terkkuja kaikilta.

  3. mizyena & jama: Varmaan on mutkikkaampaa kun on useampi lapsi. Ja kunhan lapset kasvaa niin eihan ne aina innostu moisesta vaikka ovat siihen tottuneet. Kaikki riippuu mista roikkuu. :)

    jama: Terkut myos teille ja ehka saatte kaksoset sitten aprillipaivana. :D


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