Monday, August 3, 2009

{capital ex}

Every year Edmonton hosts "Capital Ex". It used to be called Klondike Days. Fun rides, exhibitions, shows, music, etc. As usual, it was a hotter than hot day once again. We braved the heat and enjoyed a fun day at the Ex. Sienna loves rides. She rode the rollercoaster with her hands up in the air! It was priceless. I went with Robin for awhile and we went to some bigger rides together. We saw Cirque Shanghai Bai XI and Kiyanaw Indian exhibition. The butterflies were there again. Some people were seeing how many butterflies they could get on themselves.
The bunny art is by Jason Carter. Kinda cute in all their simplicity.
Lotsa fun stuff in Edmonton, for sure.

Bought this bling bling dragonfly for Sienna's room in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
I hung some of Sienna's jewellery on her wall. I realized that I guess we're not that much into pink and girley stuff. :) Not that there's anything wrong with that. The necklace in the middle is the Indian necklace I bought on our holiday. It's made of juniper berries.
Remember this? The decorations I made for Sienna's birthday cake last year. Decided to put them on the wall too.
Then I framed some of Sienna's pictures for our bedroom. The birch bark container is a Fort Chip memory.
ps. I just realized that the word "HOME" spells "mold" in Finnish. :D


  1. Kaunis kuva sinusta ja Siennasta maailmanpyörässä!

  2. I've had fun scrolling through all your posts from the guys have been busy, such fun family memories! You're awesome at taking pictures of everything...I go through phases...sometimes I'll take tons of pics, and sometimes the camera doesn't make it out of my purse once!
    xo Tal

  3. Looks like so much fun! I love the idea of making decorations to go on Birthday cakes. Are they made out of a thick paper? If so, did you laminate them? Do you have a picture of the cake handy? If not, no problem at all- it's just such a clever (and money saving) idea!

  4. Onpa teillä ollut hauska päivä!Kivoja kuvia!

  5. anne: kiitti.

    talia: I think I take ton of pictures of Sienna because I have barely any of me growing up. Only one not so good picture when I was a baby. I'm obsessed now to record "everything". Too many pictures I'm sure.

    jennifer: I made the decorations with scrapbook paper and then laminated them and added some bling. I thought it was kinda fun to use Sienna's picture. I'm hoping to make something similar every year. You can find a picture of the cake in last September posting. We get this mousse cake from Costco because the mousse don't have wheat in it. I forgot the edges of the cake look bad and had nothing to change it. Just so you know why the edges of that cake look the way they do. :)

    mirva: kivoja kesamuistoja todellakin.


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