Sunday, August 30, 2009

{our butterfly princess turns 4}

we celebrated sienna's fourth birthday yesterday.
this year's theme was butterflies.
invitations were made with my much-used CK creative lettering program.

i printed some butterfly clipart (found via google image search) on cardstock and voila - decorations. cheap yet oh so cute.

the giftbags had butterfly/flower pencils and erasers and foam shapes.
all from michael's.

this year's cake decoration. i found a picture of a butterfly princess outfit online, switched sienna's head on, glued it all on scrapbook paper and laminated it. added some bling.

more yellow balloons were in the playroom too for the kids to play with.
this is how we got the idea for the theme. sienna's been excited about butterfly drawings and crafts lately.
we held two birthday parties. first one was for little girls, for sienna and her friends. we borrowed a kids' size table and chairs from the church. when the girls showed up, they first made butterfly crafts. colored these pictures and decorated them with foam/shiny shapes and stickers. everyone got a butterfly wand too that they decorated.
next we ate cake.
then we had hidden chocolate bars downstairs in the play room. made sure each girl found some.
the girls then played with balloons and jumped on the trampoline.
the girls also danced to music with their wands.
opened gifts (almost forgot about that, to be honest).
and that's about it.
then came family and friends a bit later and we had another party. more goodies, cake and presents.
sienna's favorite gifts were her new barbies.

daddy curled her hair as usual.
sienna got to do this twice. :)
fun day.
is it just me or did she start behaving like she's one year older just like on cue?
oh how fast they grow. gotta enjoy every day, every minute.


  1. Happy Birthday Sienna!! Cute theme, decor, cake, etc. I may have to steal the idea for Hanna one of these years LOL.

  2. Onnea kauniille perhosprinsessalle! Tosi suloiset synttärit olit loihtinut. Meidän tytsy olisi ollut ihan onnessaan mukana. Totta, aika kuluu niin uskomattoman äkkiä. Lasten kasvusta sen huomaa.

  3. Voi miten suloinen Paivansankari!! Ja miten paljon olitkaan paneutunut koristeluun. Upeaa!

  4. Aivan ihanat juhlat ja ihania koristeita!
    Kakunkoriste oli mahtava idea!

    Paljon onnea Siennalle!

  5. Wonderful job Mommy, it all looks fantastic. How happy she looks, makes it all worth it. 4 already, how time flies.

  6. very cute birthday!! I love the butterfly decoration on the cake! and i love how her hair looks in the butterfly decoration! you should cut it like that!! my sisters are trying to get me to cut emmalie's hair like that.

  7. Ihanaa miten paljon olet paneutunut juhlaan. Lucky Sienna! Suloinen prinsessa.

  8. Paljon onnea pienelle perhosprinsessalle!On varmasti ollut mukavat juhlat :)
    Hienoja koristeita olit askarrelut.
    Kivoja kuvia olit aikaisemmin taas laittanut. En muista ikinä kommentoida.

  9. Love the decorations! What a sweetie - I can't believe she's four already! :D

  10. i need to do birthday parties more often. nice to get many comments. thanks everyone. :)

    connie: i could never cut sienna's hair shorter. i love it long.

  11. Oh, how cute she is!

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