Monday, August 24, 2009

{ottawa, part III}

my second day in ottawa. i drove to downtown this time instead of walking. i had couple of hours before my appointment at the embassy of finland. i had heard that sparks street is a fun place for shopping. i did find these fun guys there but after a bit got bored so i went for a walk to look for something more interesting to see.

...and came across st andrew's protestant church. i was lucky - it was open for visitors.
beautiful stained glass windows decorated this church. it was so nice to tour this big church. the two old ladies who were there were so cute and so helpful. i really enjoyed my visit and felt the spirit as i took pictures of the windows and thought about the messages on them.

"inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."
matthew 25:40
then it was time to walk to the embassy and i snapped this on the way. as if i didn't have enough parliament building pictures already. :)
the finnish embassy is in this beautiful building right smack in the middle of downtown ottawa. i had fun trying to speak finnish. got my application finished and sienna registered as a finnish citizen too. sienna will be canadian, american and finnish. plus she's treaty indian with all the priviledges that go with that. lucky girl.


  1. looks like you enjoyed the trip... nice pictures! i love the fhe chart!

  2. Miten kauniita nuo lasimaalaukset ovatkaan.
    Ehdit nähdä paljon lyhyen vierailusi aikana. Hyvä kun kulkee silmät auki eikä ainoastaan juokse kaupasta kauppaan.
    Onpas Sienna kansainvälinen tyttö!

  3. brandy: it was weird "vacationing" on my own. :) very quiet. :)

    clarissa: en ole koskaan ollut kova shoppaaja. talla reissulla ei huvittanut yhtaan. no vahan tuli iltaisin kun ei ollut muutakaan tekemista.

  4. Wow, Sienna IS lucky to claim so many cultures and their privileges.
    I love the stained glass windows, but love the details in the Catholic cathedral more. Not a fan of all the statues though. I especially have a hard time with the ones many churches have of the Savior suffering on the cross.

  5. amy: there was a crucifix in the catholic church and i had to just quietly walk by. i find it so weird that so many christian churches concentrate on that. it's important that Jesus died for us but why show that part of his life always so detailed? i find that even art work is a testimony of how our church understands things fully. to me catholic churches are a bit creepy even though there's beauty in them too. i have a harder time feeling the spirit in them than protestant churches. i didn't want to post about that because i need to respect others' faith. from all the churches, it's the catholic one that if have the hardest time with. in ireland people talked about Mary so much more than Jesus. they talk about their saints more too. in one of the cathedrals in dublin, there's a head of a saint in a box that people go look at. there is something so dark age about the catholic church to me personally. it's hard to explain. this one lady had a picture of Christ with the crown of thorns. lots of blood. really cruel picture. the eyes followed you creepily when you walked. it creeped me out so badly. anyways, everyone can believe the way they do. i just have a really difficult time with the catholic faith, that's all. I kept thinking how the protestant movement started to bring the faith back closer to it's original form. they still didn't get it all but to me there's more of the real gospel in their faith. i hope a catholic won't read this and get offended by my words. i can't help the way i see it and feel about it.

  6. I completely agree with everything you've said. Pictures or statues of the Savior that are meant to create fear in us really bother me. That is definitely not the message He wants us to learn.

  7. You are such a great photographer! These photos are beautiful. I love the photos that show the length of the interior in Cathedral you visited and the stained glass windows too. I also love the FHE idea! I love ideas like that!


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