Sunday, August 23, 2009

{you've got to love your family, you know}

i'm so excited about this cute idea for a fhe duties chart that i had to share it right away before mine is even finished. this is what i just printed out on cardstock. next i'll laminate it. then i'll find pictures of each of us and print them black and white and laminate them too. then i'll use my circle punch to just cut our heads out. the heads will be the size of the centers of these sunflowers. tape the heads on each flower and then each week we'll rotate our duties. sienna and robin of course need help with their duties but it's important for everyone to feel included and they're more likely to enjoy the fhe when they are participating.

simple, easy and so so cute. :)

for those who are wondering what on earth is family home evening - each monday lds families hold family home evening which is basically doing something fun together plus learning the gospel together. no church activities will ever be scheduled on that day. the format is usually the above: an opening prayer, song, short lesson, game or activity, treat and a closing prayer.

you don't have to be lds to do this by the way. anyone can start this beneficial tradition. the lessons don't need to be religious. you could teach first aid/foreign languages/art techniques or whatever your family is interested in. the point is to make sure your family has one special evening a week when the phone isn't answered and time is spent together as a family. so many families are struggling nowadays. special days like these keep families close together. try it. it's fun. :)

ps. if anyone wants a copy of this word document, just let me know and i can e-mail it to you.


  1. So cute! There you go again, the FHE idea queen!

  2. Kiva ja simppeli idea!
    Kauniita kuvia edellisessä postauksessa!! :)


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