Sunday, August 2, 2009

{miscellaneous photos}

I went through my sister's pictures and thought I'd add a few more pictures in here.
Here's me and my niece (isn't she gorgeous? :)) being silly at a ride during Canada Day festivities. My sister captured Silver Elvis giving me a kiss during Street Performers' Festival.
Family photo at the spaceneedle in Seattle, Washington.
Me in Seaside, Oregon.
My niece and I pretended to be distraught in Grants Pass when our van broke down and we thought we wouldn't make it to Portland that day.
Before my sister + family left, everyone came to our place for supper. There was 24 of us. Oy oy oy. I survived. :)
Some of us crammed onto our couch. I didn't know Jay was making faces until I saw these pictures. :)

When we got home from our holiday, my flowers were in full bloom. I almost missed the peonies. They had bloomed while we were gone and lasted only a few days after we got home. I love peonies. I decided I'm going to fill our front flowerbed with them too. I don't seem to kill them so... :)

I also bought some flowers. Isn't this picture nice? Wow, even though I say it myself. :)
We took some pictures with the Marimekko Unikko fabric on the background before my sister left. We both agreed that our prime picture period is long past. We just don't look that fresh anymore. :)
Love my sister! Wish we didn't live so far away from each other. *sigh*

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