Saturday, August 22, 2009

{ottawa, part I}

it was so hard to leave sienna. it was my first time to be away from her for longer than few hours. i was trying to be very brave so that she wouldn't get sad. but at the airport sienna started to cry and said she didn't want me to go. of course i couldn't help but cry after that too. so there i went through security with tears in my eyes.
i got to ottawa on tuesday in the afternoon. went to get my rental car and with a map navigated my way through ottawa and to my hotel. then i decided to walk from one province to another! it sounds bad but all i had to do was to cross a wide river to the other side. ;) my hotel was in gatineau, quebec. jay chose it for me as it was right next to a museum i wanted to go to.
this first picture is of the parliament hill in ontario. more on that later.
the weather was hot and very humid. 70% humidity or something like that. it was impossible to feel dry. my hair went curly as soon as i started walking outside.
i was hungry so i was walking around looking to get something to eat. ended up going to subway while it drizzled just a bit.
this picture is of my future summer house in ottawa. :D

totem poles are a must in canada.
then i asked the starship enterprise to beam me to dublin for a bit. :)
can you guess what this is?
it was a fun little table at this modern furniture shop i stopped at.

aren't you so happy that i took million pictures during my trip? now you can just sit back and relax and travel to ottawa through my pictures. your body won't be screaming in protest after hours and hours of walking and touring. yep, gotta love fibromyalgia and old age. :) but it was fun and i saw lots in the short time i was there. even though i missed jay and sienna tons, i kept thinking that maybe it was good that i went by myself. the things that i wanted to do there probably wouldn't have been that exciting for sienna and jay. :)

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