Friday, June 5, 2009

{ :) }

I found some old pictures I had scanned who knows when. I have a feeling I have posted some of these before. If so, sorry about the repeat.
Check out the amazing hair styles I used to have :). Not sure how old I am in this picture. Maybe 16. ??
Lukion toisen luokan kuva. 11th grade picture.
I loved my red hair. I got my hair done the day this picture was taken. I remember how cool I felt when my hairdresser put those silver streaks in my hair. :)
1986 Graduation picture. Not a sharp picture but evidence that I did graduate from 12th grade. :)
Me and my boyfriend when I was 18. :)
18 years old again and returning home from Italy. This time we took the train there. Spent a month in Italy (Rimini, Rome).
Right before leaving on my mission to Ireland. I was 21. This skirt got ruined as soon as I got to Ireland and started biking. :) Check out the shoulder pads? I was so in style. :)
I hardly have any pictures of my mission as my camera broke on the day I arrived in Dublin. This girl was one of my favorite companions. We had so much fun together!
I kept seeing these Finlandia Vodka ads in Ireland. This one was in Belfast. I loved my leather jacket but now it seems so big and bulky. :)
Jay and I during our mission's Christmas Conference. We look so young! :)
My hair is this curly naturally. No perm. Ireland's wet climate was perfect to keep it curly.


  1. Tutunnäköistä muotia... Miten ihmeessä nuo tuonaikaiset vaatteet, takit ja paidat sun muut, eivät tuntuneet liian isoilta. En ymmärrä, kun ne näyttävät niin valtavilta.
    Kauniita kuvia.

  2. Muistan nähneeni osan kuvista aiemminkin. Niin hauskoja muistoja. Mä olen vähän nuorempi niin tuo muoti ei ollut mun nuorisomuotia mutta muistan sen kuitenkin :)

    Sanottu ennenkin mutta erityisesti kuvassa missä olet 21 ja lähdössä Irlantiin, näytät ihan Prinsessa Dianalta :)

  3. in the pictures of you and your companion, you remind me of the actress courtney thorne smith, i think that's her name,,, she used to be in alley mcbeal and is now in that show with jim belushi, she plays his wife. do you know who i mean? anyways you are gorgeous! always have been always will be!
    Jay looks like some kind of rapper dude!

  4. tell me about what an energy journal is

  5. kato nyt tatakin: Todellakin ihme ettei ne muka olleet isoja vaatteita silloinkin. Pitikin hukuttaa laiha kroppa kaiken alle. :)

    mizyena: Muistelin etta olin varmaan laittanut punahius ja keinukuvan tanne aiemmin. Muista en ollut varma. Tosi huono muisti mulla. Varmuuden vuoksi kaikki sitten. :)

    connie: Probably because of the hair. I know who you mean. Jay was still in his rapper era, you're right. :) I'll do a posting on the energy journal when I get it done a bit more. It's basically a little booklet thingy in which you collect things that give you energy. Things that are a source of happiness to you.

  6. is there lots of chocolate in yours? there would be in mine!!!

  7. I'll have to add some chocolate wrappers in mine for sure. :D

  8. Kivoja kuvia!
    Näytät kyllä minustakin ihan Dianalta tuossa yhdessä kuvassa,jossa sinulla on ihanan isot olkatoppaukset.
    Hauska tuo ketsuppimainos edellisessä postauksessa.
    Ja kiitos smoothie ohjeesta!Tarvitsee kokeilla tehdä sellaista itse.

  9. Ihania ♥ Jay oli näköjään kunnon Bad Boy, Filan lippis ja kaikki! xD

  10. mirva: Monesti nuorena kuulin etta olen Dianan nakoinen. Smoothiet on tosi hyvia. Kantsii tehda. :)

    suvi: Jay oli into rap music ja olihan se juuri ollut DJ ja sellaista. :) Silla oli myos sellaisia nahkaisia isoja kaulakoruja mutta niita ei sentaan pitanyt enaa. :)


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