Sunday, June 21, 2009

{three letters}

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My dear Heavenly Father,
I love You. Sometimes I miss You more than words can describe. I'm so grateful for all the million blessings You have blessed me with. Most of all that You led my way to Thee in this life. That I know how I can find You while here on earth on my own. I thank You for all the help and support You have given me here. For all the many times You have comforted me when I have been down. For Your protection over me and Your loving care.
I am so sorry that I let You down at times. Too often. That I don't always live up to all my potential and the knowledge You have given me. I am trying even though at times it must look like I'm not. I'm so thankful for Your mercy, long suffering and kindness. For always given me a second chance. Always. When I seem to deserve it the least, that is when You especially shower me with Your love. I so appreciate it.
I hope that I can fulfill my mission on earth and do all those things You sent me here to do. I hope I won't let You down. I'm sorry when I don't listen to You as I should. I KNOW You know better than I do. I know. Why do I still insist so often to go my own way? I know if I listened and followed You more, I would be safer and happier. I will try to trust You more and let go of my stubborness.
I love You so much! I can't wait to see You again and to give you the biggest hug ever.
Your daughter
and Princess
My dear Jay,
we waited so long to have children. How happy I am that you can finally shine as a father. You are the best daddy in the world! Sienna absolutely adores you. It gives me so much joy to see how much she loves her daddy. The little everyday things that you do with her are some of the most precious moments of my life. And I know Sienna will have so many wonderful memories of her and her daddy. Her joy is so real when you come home every day.
I just wanted you to know that I think you are an awesome father and I appreciate all that you do for our family. We would be lost without your quiet strength and your love for us.
I love you.
Sienna and I both adore you so very much.
Dear Dad,
how I wish things would have turned out differently when I was little. It would have been great to have you as part of my life when I was growing up. I missed you even when I didn't realize that it was you who I missed.
I love you. I am grateful for the times we have had together. I wish there would be more of it. Now I live so far away. I look forward to the time when time and distance doesn't matter anymore. I know we will make up any loss we have had in this life then.
I do feel a special bond to you. I'm quite sure I got my math skills from you, not from mom. :) I hate it too when someone passes me when I'm driving and feel an urge to go pass them back. :) And I can't believe we both collect stamps. And I am definately a dreamer like you.
You hang in there. It'll all be alright in the end.
I love you!
Your daughter s-m
(It's Father's Day today here in Canada)


  1. what a beautiful gift! I LOVE the picture of jay and sienna!

  2. Ihana kuva isästä ja tyttärestä!

  3. Kiitti. Mulla oli eilen tosi tunteellinen paiva jostain syysta. Tunteet oli herkassa koko paivan. <3


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