Monday, June 15, 2009

{sigh of relief!!!}

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Guess who will be traveling to Ottawa at the end of summer? I just found out that in order to renew my Finnish passport when it expires, I have to personally go to the Finnish Embassy in Ottawa! I have always been able to do this by mail so this came as a total surprise. Fun surprise I guess. Didn't have a clue I'm traveling to Ottawa soon. :) I'm hoping we can make it a family vacation. Might as well. No use just me going there for a day. It'll be an expensive passport, that's for sure. :) Ottawa is almost 3000 kilometres away from us!!
So, I've been bugging Jay to make sure he gets his passport renewed on time. He got that done and I was like "we're all set for our trip". All I could think of was passports, right. Well, then I just happened to go through some files and came upon my Permanent Resident card (which means I can permanently live in Canada even though I'm not Canadian = travel in and out of Canada). My card had just expired!!!!! Panic set in. Do I need it to travel? Of course it was the weekend and I couldn't find out right away. I quickly started the application process to renew my card.
I spent this morning on the phone (you know how it takes forever on the phone when a government agency is involved) and all is well. I have the document I need to get back to Canada. Sigh of relief!!!! My sister would have killed me if we couldn't do our planned trip. She would have! :)
Who remembers to think of anything else but passports when traveling? I have got to get more organized though about these kind of things. I can't let things expire. It had barely expired BUT STILL!
And guess what else? Starting THIS MONTH, everyone needs a passport to go to the States. Including babies!! Cheez! Thank goodness we realized this too (thanks Talia!!!). Busy getting Sienna's passport now too. I guess you HAVE TO watch the daily news so you don't miss out on important information like this. We just kept assuming that she won't need one because that's how it's always been. Man, you gotta be so vigilant nowadays! Beware! :)
Other than that:
*We finally got to set up the trampoline. Sienna's leg seems all better. Fun, fun, fun! Sienna was out there jumping again this morning at 7.40am. :)
*It's been hot. Too hot to sleep. Time to bring out the air conditioner.
*Sienna fell off the bed while sleeping Saturday night. Poor thing. We always put something on the edge of the bed to prevent this but I guess she was sleeping mighty restlessly.
*Time to go see the doctor. My cough has turned into bronchitis. I always know that's the case when I throw up when I cough (that's what I was doing last night). And I thought my cough was finally getting better...
:( Yesterday it turned worse again. I can NEVER get through a cough without it also going in my lungs. They should just give me a repeat prescription. Cheez!
*Saw some movies this weekend but nothing to rave about.


  1. Meidänkin pitää mennä noin 200 km päähän uusimaan. Tyttäreni passi uusittiin reilu vuosi sitten, oli tosi onnellinen kun vihdoinkin sai passiinsa kunnon kuvan - edellisessä kun oli kuva hänestä 2vkon ikäisenä.

  2. We just got our passports renewed too, the kids are good for another year or so. Such a pain in the butt. I wish our city of L had its own passport office.
    Bronchitis, that's rotten. Get better!

  3. Täältä pitäisi lähteä Berliiniin. Tai sitten hoidan hakemisen Suomessa käydessä. Onneksi omani on vielä pitkään voimassa, tarvitsin uuden juuri silloin, kun sai vielä kymmenen vuoden passin.

  4. I know, all the passport stuff is ridiculous!! Glad you're getting it figured out, though!!
    feel better soon!!

  5. 3000 kilsaa passin takia... ei paha... :D

  6. No huh mikä matka passin takia..

    Muistan aina sen reissun jenkeistä koti-Suomeen kun unohdin passin kotiin. Siis vaan kertakaikkiaan unohdin. Olin niin innoissani matkasta kait. Kun kysyivät lipputiskillä passia, valahdin aivan valkoiseksi. Tajusin heti että se on jäänyt. Onneksi sain matkustaa ilman sitä, sain sen sitten pikana Suomeen, kun ilman sitä en varmaan olisi voinut palata jenkkeihin.

  7. You have been really busy! I know what you mean about trying to get more organized. It's a constant battle! This sounds like a terrible cough. It's good that you are headed to the doctor. Hope all goes well and that you recover quickly for your trip and some trampoline fun! P.S. If you get a chance feel free to take a peek at our really simple blog:
    Take good care

  8. hey... just so you know... i just found out that kids ONLY have to have a passport if they are flying... they DO NOT need one if they are still just driving across. my niece just found this out as she has 3 kids under 4 yrs old. she found it on the internet. we already had ours for our kids when she told me this other wise we would have saved some $$$. she even printed off a copy to have with her when they go to the states in aug.

  9. Tervetuloa Ottawaan! :) Joko teilla on ajankohta selvilla?

    Kuinka et ole hakenut kansalaisuutta, olet kuitenkin taalla Kanadassa niin kauan jo asunut.

    Haen kansalaisuutta muutaman vuoden paasta, jos 5 vuoden sisaan on asunut 3 vuotta maassa, voi hakea kansalaisuutta. Nain mina asian ymmarsin.

    Meillekin on tulossa matka lahetystoon, kun haluan vauvalle Suomen passin. Matkaa ruhtinaalliset 4 km.

    Mukavaa Juhannusta!

  10. Minullakin on huima matka suurlähetystöön Meksiko Cityyn, 15 tuntia bussissa tai sitten lentäen mutta jokatapauksessa passille tulee hintaa...enne kävi kätevämmin kunniakonsulaatissa joka on paljon lähempänä. Nyt olisi matka edessä kun passin etusivu lähti irti. Väliaikaisesti liimasin kiinni *hih* ja meni läpi kolmella meksikolaisella lentokentällä (sisäisillä lennoilla tavitaan henkilöllisyystodistukseksi). En tosin uskaltaudu kansainvälisille kentille, menee pian matka kesken.

  11. Kiitos kaikille kommenteista. Luin joka ikisen mutta olen talla hetkella vahan laiska vastailemaan.

    Thanks for all the comments! Keep them coming. :)


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