Saturday, June 6, 2009

{energy journal}

So here's my version of Heidi's Energy Journal. It is so not finished yet. But atleast you'll get an idea what it is. You basically put anything in here that gives you energy and reminds you what makes you happy (happiness = energy). Then you can flip through it when you're having low energy/a tough day.
The album lies flat and opens up on both sides. I'll show you the left side first.
First there's this mirror that reminds me I am fabulous. :) And that's me in my fabulous bathrobe this morning. :)

Next thing is this birdie flap. I'm going to put quotes here about using your money wisely and being provident in your living. Nothing zaps out your energy like money problems. If you're in debt, you're not happy. When you have money in the bank and live within your means, you feel at peace. Words like "SIMPLIFY" will go here. Also quotes about what is important in life.
On the back is a quote we got from Heidi.
Next is this YOU transparency with stickers that remind me of important things.
Then I added this picture that reminds me that nature gives me energy. I will add a cute nature quote on this picture eventually.
Next is this pocket that holds anything funny & humorous. Comic clippings etc. They will be attached to that eyelet and can be pulled out to view them.
On the back I put these as next will be pictures of loved ones.
There's a Y you transparency first and underneath you add pictures of people you love. I only have this one picture so far because I had it handy.
I added some bling to the picture. :)
The right side has this dial and you can change the date by turning the bling.
There are extra scrapbook pages cut in fun shapes on which you can add quotes and journaling. You can sand the edges of your paper to make it look nice. I haven't done that yet.
I'm going to add quotes about health & well-being. Scriptures that uplift and edify. Etc. Etc.

Heidi's signature and the stuff I added remind me to take breaks and do something fun - just for me. Something out of the ordinary to break the routine of life. You can't give from an empty bucket. You gotta get your bucket filled every once in awhile.
Little notepads for journaling.

Some more notepaper to write down things that happen that you always want to remember.
There you have it. :) Go make your own. It doesn't have to look like this. Be creative. It could even just be a shoe box where you put your precious things. Just make sure you decorate it cute. Cuteness gives you energy. :)


  1. Luetteleppas heti noi kaikki fontit, mitä oot käyttänyt noissa? :)

  2. Ne on kaikki Heidi Swappin tarroja tai rubber stamps tai muuta. Luulen etta ainakin jotkut fontit on tarjolla House of 3 nettisivulla. Kay tsekkaamassa. Tiedan etta Talia ainakin sai jonkun noista fonteista kun osti digital kit:n.

  3. Tosi hieno "energiapakkaus". Kova halu olisi tehdä jotain vastaavaa, olisikohan minulla aikaa siihen.Toisaalta, siitähän sitten saisi iloa ja voimia eteen päin, joten...

  4. Upea!
    Mistähän saisin energiaa tehdä samanlaisen :)
    Tuo peili Fabulous tekstillä hauska.Mun tarvi laittaa sellainen omaan peiliin ;)

  5. Aivan upeita!

    Ja jotenkin arvaan, että en ihan niin helpolla saa itseäni yrittämään vastaavaa. Mutta ehkä joskus.

  6. I love the whole idea of the energy journal! Your journal is gorgeous and what an awesome thing to keep "handy" and refer to often. What can I say, I just love it!

  7. Your journal turned out fabulous! I just absolutely treasure mine.
    It was such a special day.

  8. clarissa: Tama on sellainen "pikku hiljaa valmiiksi" projekti. Voi tehda pikkusen silloin talloin kun on aikaa. Kantsii. :)

    mirva: Minustakin se oli juuri "se" tarra mika piti peiliin laittaa. :)

    tanja: :)

    kato nyt tatakin: Jos en olisi kaynyt tuon tekemassa siella seminaarissa niin en varmaan itsekaan olisi koskaan tehnyt. Mutta simppelimpi versio (esim just se kenkalaatikkoon kerataan kaikkea kivaa) olisi myos tosi kiva.

    jennifer: Wish I could take credit of it but it was all "Heidi Swapp". Most of it anyways. Of course I'll add my personal touch to it.

    lindsay: Did you finish yours already. Mine isn't even close to being finished. Work in progress. :) Yep, what a fun day!


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