Tuesday, June 30, 2009

{royalty coming or what? :)}

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I doubt I'll post anything tomorrow so...
Happy Canada Day everyone!
Love you Canada! Y
We need to have visitors more often. We have crossed off many things from our to do list in anticipation of my sister + family coming here TODAY.
*washed windows
*cleaned blinds
*washed & ironed curtains
*cleaned all the high places (HUGE job, we have a high ceiling kitchen = hard to reach areas)
*cleaned Robin's room
*cleared the basement of all the junk that was there (lots)
*painted the front door
*new cat litter boxes
*cleaned the fridge
*cats have been washed and brushed real good
*all sorts of other cleaning/organizing jobs
*wall-to-wall carpets were steam cleaned and sanitized this morning
Like I said - people need to come visit us more often as that's when we seem to get things done around our house. :D
So much to do still. Once the carpets are dry, I have to move everything back where it belongs (huge job as EVERYTHING was put away). First I have to vacuum the left over cat fur off the carpets (some gets left behind). Then I need to wash the basement floor, make beds for our guests, wash the bathrooms, pack Robin's stuff and take him to Jay's parents where he'll be staying for this 3 weeks. Somehow in between all that Sienna needs a nap so that she can come to the airport with us. And I just decided I am going to go to Ikea and buy some new sheets and a duvet cover. They need to be washed first too. Better hurry and go. :) Fun, fun, fun. :)

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