Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Artist: Brian Kershisnik

Yesterday I had a really tough morning. Remember how my blessing promised me energy (and I got it) but also comfort (I knew I'd still be sick). I looked in a mirror yesterday and did not like what I saw. Tired, baggy eyes, skin pealing under my nose from blowing it too much (where does all that yucky stuff come from?!), terrible hair day (has been for a while, I need to get my hair done desperately, I lost my hairdresser and need to find a new one) and "aliens eating my upper lip". Yep, a long line of cold sores on my upper lip again. I seem to get multiple ones when I'm really run down and when I have to blow my nose lots. Anyways, I was having one of those "swim in an Olympic size self pity pool" moments (gotta love Neal A. Maxwell and his way with words!). I was eating breakfast and started reading the Ensign (our church's monthly magazine for adults). An article totally touched my heart. I was crying and reading the words over and over again. Beautifully written article about hope. Gotta love the Spirit and how He can comfort and uplift you when you're down. People who don't believe in God, miss out so much in my humble opinion. If I just remember to turn to God when I'm down, I'm always uplifted and comforted. Always.

If you're down, look up! :)

The article can be read here, if anyone is interested:
Hope: The Misunderstood Sister by Larry Hiller

Other things that cheered me up yesterday:

*worked on my Energy Journal
*realized that Jay had bought cherries
*took pictures of Sienna's cute braid pigtails (before they got ruined by her bike helmet)
*Sienna riding her bike
*the New Moon movie trailer
*listened to Inside Acappella (I so love them!) when I gave a ride to Robin to his yearly Special Olympics picnic
*seeing Hawrelak Park even just quickly while driving through (all the geese! we so need to go for a picnic there!)
*reconnected with an old friend in facebook
So despite all, it was a good day. :)

Lotta Jansdotter has some new cuteness on her web site. I'd like to get my hands on this lovely scrapbook album.
*lotta jansdotter

Sienna is playing computer games on Jay's computer as I'm writing this. It's so fun to sit side by side and do our thing. :)
Found this at Elizabeth Kartchner's blog and I thought I'd do it.
When I was a child... I lived on an island and went to a school that had only 12 kids total.
I can't imagine my life without... the gospel, Jay and Sienna.
If I could be anywhere, I'd be... with all my loved ones on a fun trip (touring Europe for example).
My least favorite chore is... dusting.
If I could be on any tv game or reality show, it would be... So You Think You Can Dance (it would mean I could dance!).

If a mystery package arrived on my doorstep, I'd hope it would be... how about some tickets to a fun show for Jay and I, or tickets for a fun family vacation, even better. :)
My guilty pleasure is... chocolate and magazines.
I thought I would never... be able to have kids.
If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d wish for... If you had to be totally selfish with these wishes (no world peace kind of stuff) then: a housekeeper/cook, a personal stylist who'd get me new clothes when I need them (for free! :D) & do my hair, better overall health. And to have amazing artist skills! And dancing skills. More time. That Jay wouldn't have to work but could spend his days with Sienna and I. And... And... :)

Your turn!


  1. Vanha koulu, personal trainer ja uusi työ. Tällä hetkellä, vuoden päästä voisi olla jo toiset toiveet :D

    Ihana oli lukea, että olet päässyt scrappitapaamiseen. Voi miten kivoja nuo tapahtumat näyttävät ja kuulostavat olevan. Mukava oli nähdä sinutkin mukana kuvissa Talian blogin puolella ;D

  2. Jos sinä olet räjähtäneen näköisenä kuvien näköinen, niin entäs sitten, kun olet virkistyneenä ja laittaunut! Pois turha vaatimattomuus! :D

  3. Pidän Brian Kershisnikin tavasta tehdä kuvia. Hienoja.
    Myös runo on hieno.

  4. that's more than three wishes!!!
    luv ya!

  5. connie: No... INFINITY as we'll be friends forever. <3

  6. tanja: No ehka siita kuvasta ei taysin nae miten rajahtanyt olin. :D Omista kuvista naki ja en laittanut niita tanne. :)

    clarissa: Jep. :)

    connie: I couldn't help myself. The list just kept going and going in my head. :D luv ya too and even three! maybe even kazillion <3


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