Friday, July 3, 2009

{good times}

I decided I'm going to try to do postings even when my sister + family are here. Then I won't forget things and I won't have million pictures to go through later.
Gifts from Finland: Lots of Marimekko stuff (my favorite!), another Johanna Kurkela cd (I so love her music), a jewellery box from my sister's visit to Turkey, Blackout dvd (my sister was involved in the making of the movie as she is the PR person for the University Hospital in Helsinki where the movie was filmed) & a Finnish children's movie.
Lots of Finnish goodies. Needless to say I've been eating too much already. Karjalanpiirakoita myos. :P Ja suomalaisia lehtia aidilta.
Two boxes of "kisses". :P Vahan rytistynyt reissussa mutta ei haittaa.
Then some things we've done so far.
Playdough art. This one is by Sienna.
My sister's. Siskoani kutsuttiin teinarina Ankaksi.
My niece's.
Canada Day festivities.
This time we spent more time at the amusement park. My niece and I rode the Tornado and the Hurricane. We had almost too much fun. Got our money's worth for sure. We made the tornado spin so fast that we felt sick afterwards. Fun times!

Went downtown to watch the fireworks. Sienna was scared of them and that was too bad as they were amazing fireworks. I think it was the loud noise that scared her. And couple of the big ones looked like they were coming right at us. I love the feeling though during Canada Day. Everyone gathering to see the fireworks. All the various cultures of the world represented in the crowd.
The High Level Bridge waterfall. It looks amazing close up. We were ways away from it. Edmonton's own Niagara Falls. :)
There were fireworks in all colors of course but these pictures turned out the best.

Yesterday we spent lots of time shopping at West Edmonton Mall. My sister stayed behind to play at Palace Casino's Poker Tournament. Picked her up later blasting Johanna Kurkela's cd on the way there.

Love having part of my family here. It feels like they never left. Sienna is in heaven having so many people to play with. Uncle R doesn't get a moment's peace. :) Trampoline has been in good use. Everyone's learned to do bum bounces.



  1. Voi miten ihana ja runsas tuliaispaketti! Vaikka uskon kyllä, että tärkeintä ovat nyt ne ihmiset, jotka tuliaiset ovat tuoneet :D

    Tosi kaunis tuo ruosteenpunainen(?) mekko, mustilla koristeilla. Onko sekin Marimekkoa? Jotain uutta ehkä? En nimittäin tunnista tuota kuosia...

  2. Vaikkei tulisi mitaan tuliaisia niin ihana vaan kun tulevat meilla kaymaan. <3 Se on Marimekon yopaita. Minustakin aivan ihana. Vari on sienna. :)

  3. Looks like you are all having loads of fun!

  4. I love the play dough art! What a great idea! Love the pictures of the fireworks too! Sounds like you all are having a great time!

  5. hope you are having a blast with your family!

  6. Lot of wonderful pictures. Looks like you are enjoying yourselves.


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