Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{summer vacation, part XIV, paul bunyan & indian museum}

Day 7 still.
The roadsides in Redwood National Park are dotted with these miniature tiger lilies. It was beautiful!
We stopped at "Trees of Mystery" in Klamath to see Paul Bunyan and his Babe the Blue Ox. Paul Bunyan talked! And he was funny too. He talked to all the visitors. Answered everyone's questions. Paul Bunyan is an American folklore hero.
There was a gift shop that also had a Native American museum in it. All sorts of Indian artifacts. It was very interesting. My sister bought the big $400 dragonfly necklace. The sales lady asked her if she realized that it was an expensive necklace. :) I got Sienna a cute necklace made with dried up juniper berries and a decorative fan (viuhka) made with feathers for my mom.
Back in Crescent City, Sienna played at a fun playground and then we ate at a seafood restaurant.


  1. Hienoja koruja ja muutenkin mielenkiintoisia asioita. Muistui mieleen käyntimme The Canadian Museum of Civilizationissa, kun olimme Ottawassa.Hieno elämys oli sekin.
    Kiitos Becky Higgins-linkistä!

  2. Hei, olen menossa Ottawaan ensi kuussa ja tuo museo kuulostaa juuri mista tykkaisin. Kiitti vinkista. :) Kiva etta joku edes tykkasi tuosta oma elamakerta idiksesta. :) Minusta hieno lahja omille lapsilleen.


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