Thursday, July 23, 2009


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Stinking telemarketers who call million times (ok, maybe 10-15 is more truthful but still) even when you have asked them many times before not to call you. Today this same company (that keeps on calling and calling and calling, they must run on Duracel batteries) called us this morning (I was not very nice to them this time, I've had it!) and AGAIN TONIGHT!!! What does it take?! I've told them we're on the DO NOT CALL LIST, I've told them politely not to call, I've told them not very politely not to call. I finally got their phone number and made a complaint to the do not call list. I should have done that long time ago. Hope this works. Wish you could send a stink bomb through phone lines. I can handle when they call once but come on - repeatedly. So ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrh! :(
I'd do the "Andy Rooney" but these guys just hang up. Andy Rooney from the tv show 60 minutes shared some good tips how to get rid of telemarketers etc. He said to say to the telemarketer "Sure, I'll talk to you. Hold on just one second..." Then you put the phone down and wait for them to realize you're not going to talk to them (beep) and hang up. I've done it quite many times and I love it. :) He also shared a tip about all the unwanted mail you get. If you get something with a return envelope (postage paid) you just fill it up with all the unwanted mail you get and send it back. I've never done that as mail doesn't bother me like telemarketers do.

To sign up for the national DO NOT CALL list:
We've always kept our phone simple but maybe it's finally time for that call display option. It'll still be annoying though. Maybe I just have to get in the habit of not answering the phone and tell those close to me to leave a message and I'll call them back. We'll see if this complaint thing works. If they dare to call again... :(


  1. iknow how you feel!! i love all the pictures. they are all beautiful. looks like such a fun trip... especially hanging out at the ocean and playing with the sea animals.

  2. Meillä on myös puhelinmyyjät riesana. soittavat lounaan aikaan ja illan suussa viiden aikoihin. Niistä on tosi vaikea päästä irti; kun aloittavat tarinansa niin se tulee kuin nauhalta ennen kuin keksin että vastattuani puhelimeen huutelen luuriin halooo, halooo... ja muutaman haloon huudeltuani katkaisen puhlelun... tehokkaaksi todettu


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