Tuesday, July 28, 2009

{summer vacation, part XIII, redwood national park}

Day 7. Redwood National Park, California.
What an amazing place! So magical. The trees are unbelievable. The drive there was so pretty. Mist/fog made it feel like you were in a dream.
We hiked a long trail in the forest. So refreshing for the soul. 96% humidity. There was a nice refreshing mist all the time.
My goal for the summer (enjoying lots of nature) is definately being fulfilled.
The banana slugs were so cute napping/snuggling together. They were big.
Loved this place! Y
Don't miss the funny detail on one of the trees in picture #3. It might be hard to see in that picture but we sure got a good laugh when we noticed it. :D
And do you see what I see? Find the heart. :)
The Redwood trees live so long because they have tannic acid in them that protect the trees from disease/pests etc. Did you know that the roots actually don't go very deep? Storms don't topple them down because they wind their roots tightly with other trees. They are all connected and support each other. Isn't that neat? We can learn lots from nature.


  1. ISOJA puita! :O Vaude. Voi kun joskus päästäis yhdessä lomailemaan :/


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