Friday, July 31, 2009

{summer vacation, part XVI, portland <3}

Ladyhawk and her wolf in Grants Pass, Oregon. Y
If you haven't seen the movie Ladyhawk, you've missed a classic love story. She had to wait two years to be with her love as well. Hence the nicknames. :)
My weird eye was squinting in the sun. I have to wear sunglasses even when others don't have to as too much light goes in that eye (the pupil doesn't constrict enough).
The look on our faces says it all though - even when there was car trouble, it was so relaxing and fun to be on our trip.
Silly picture of me in our lovely hotel room in Portland. I was so happy to finally be in Portland that I had to snap a picture.
Day 9. Portland, Oregon.Y
Spent some time in downtown. Walked around and just felt happy being in Portland. Me atleast. :) We went to Finnegan's Toys store.
Then the Japanese Garden which was beautiful. If I lived in Portland, I'd get a season pass so I could go there often to relax and to soothe my soul. Lovely place. I'd love to see it in fall colors.
Our day in Portland ended much too soon and the next posting will prove that.

I have three years to try to convince Jay that Portland is THE place to live. :) The poor guy hasn't heard the end of it already. :)


  1. Kivoja kuvia taas.Olet kerinnyt näkemään niin paljon lomamatkallasi.
    Aurinkoista lauantaita!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of you and Jay!! you need to have that in your house!
    cool japanese gardens, but not as cool as lethbridges!! just kidding! those are way better!!!
    i like the fish through the building! e-mail me how you make the heart in your text.

  3. mirva: todellakin nahtiin vaikka mita.

    connie: lethbridge's japanese garden is very nice. just smaller than this one.

    if anyone else is wondering about the heart frame too - i use photoscape program to add frames to pictures and to do other cool stuff to my pictures. it's free to download:


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