Thursday, July 16, 2009

{summer vacation, part IV, seattle, washington}

Day 3. Downtown Seattle.
First stop Pike Place Market. A must see if you go to Seattle. My second time there.
Pig statues (Pike market thing), all sorts of fresh foods (weird and not so weird :)), bakeries, artists selling their creations, fun little shops where you never know what you'll find. I should have bought the masks in pictures #6 & 7. Almost bought a butterfly wing necklace for Sienna. But for some reason I was just happy to shop with my camera. Yey, I'm learning to simplify which is one of my new goals. Too much stuff in our house already.
The guys at the fish booths throw the fish to each other and it's sort of a famous Seattle must see. Don't miss it if you go there.
Click on the engraved rocks picture and leave me a comment which rock you would buy and why. :)
I wonder what Obama would think of his standee. :) It would be weird to go somewhere and see things like that about yourself. :)
I'm sure you all can guess which one I almost carried home. :) Hahaa.

I should have bought some of these Russian bakery's cheese/chives or apple chunk/cinnamon buns for Jay (Jay & Sienna went to watch how they make cheese etc while I shopped with my camera). They were huge and I have a feeling Jay would have really liked them. One of the things I regret about the trip. Next time for sure!


  1. try, focus, failure is not an aption, ask your father should say don't ask your father! and there are no passengers...
    those cinnamon buns look so delicious!!!!!

  2. Saiskos A:n mukaan mulle ja äidille sellaiset isot tönikät sitä Cajun-maustetta? :) :) :)

  3. connie: someone should paint FOCUS with BIG letters on my wall. :D

    suvi: Isoja puteleita ei oo enaa Costcossa mutta lahetan monta pienempaa.

  4. Hienoja reissukuvia! Ja olet taas kirjoittanut niin kivasti teidän reissusta!

  5. ihania kuvia! kivistä ottaisin "ask your father" :) kun minulta aina kaikki kysytään... alimmaisessa kuvassa olevat chili, paparika jutut - heti ostaisin, pitäisiköhän tulla sukuloimaan Seattleen....

  6. I checked out all of your pictures and they are great! The bakery buns shown on this post look delicious and I have to say that I have never seen dried fruit logs before- but I love the little fruit stand they are on with the other fruit.

    Too many rocks to choose only one saying from! I really like, "Little things affect Little Minds," "Yes We Can" (Really love that one), "Honesty," "Patience," and of course, "Mom Rocks!" :)

  7. I like "It's a Wonderful Life" and I need "FOCUS". :)


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