Saturday, July 25, 2009

{summer vacation, part XI, sea lion cave, heceta head lighthouse}

Day 6 and still in Oregon Y. Just north of Florence is this world's largest sea lion cave. You decend 60m (200') in an elevator to view this huge cave full of sea lions (appr. 160-200 of them). You weren't allowed to use a flash so this is the best picture I could get. It was weird to be able to see them so close up. The smell was "lovely". :) There used to be stairs where this second picture was taken. I'm glad I got to take an elevator instead.
Our next stop was to the Heceta Head Lighthouse which can be seen on the background in this second photo as well. The walk up the hill was gorgeous. Amazing scenary once again. More birdies pooping on pretty rocks. :) We had a really nice retired man tell us about the history of the lighthouse and to show us around. It was actually quite interesting to hear about it all. You could tell that our tour guide was "so into it". Fun experience.

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  1. Aah, upeita kuvia, mäkin rakastan Oregonia! Harmi kun Oregonin vuotenamme emme ehtineet niin paljon nähdä kun olin raskaana/imettävä silloin.

    Aivan ihana lomareissu teillä muutenkin näyttää olleen.

    Olen taustalta seuraillut postauksiasi oman, supertouhukkaan kesänviettoni lomassa, en vain ole saanut aikaiseksi kommentoida. Koitan hiljalleen yrittää palautua blogisfääriin.


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