Thursday, July 16, 2009

{summer vacation, part I}

We drove to Langley, British Columbia on the first day of our trip. We left Edmonton at 9.40am and arrived at our hotel in Langley at 11.15pm. We stopped many times along the way plus we took longer breaks to eat in Jasper and Kamloops. These first pictures were snapped while driving near Jasper. If you want to see better quality pictures of Jasper, check out our last summer's vacation pictures (taken in Jasper/Banff/Waterton/Writing-on-stone).
I can't rave enough about the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Once again I want to tell everyone that they are definately worth seeing. We saw so many, many mountains on our trip and I must say that the ones in Canada are the nicest for sure. These pictures don't do them justice at all, just so you know. You get this most amazing feeling when you are at the mountains. Couple of days there is worth a week's holiday somewhere else. Very refreshing and very good for your soul.
I love Jasper the best. It's less touristy/busy than Banff and I think the scenary is lovelier. Banff is great for shopping though. There's an awesome Indian Trading Post store where I could spend a fortune every time. Waterton near the Montana/Alberta border is also breathtaking. Once again not as busy as Banff is.
The color of the water is amazing. It can look emerald or turqoise depending where you are. The water of course is crystal clear mountain water. Once again I'm sorry that I don't have better pictures for you. We tried to keep on moving and not stop to take pictures this time.

Just a quick picture of Sienna in Jasper. Family photos will be in our private family blog as usual.

Some more quickly snapped pictures. This time from British Columbia. We drove lots on our vacation but it was very enjoyable as the scenary was so breathtaking most of the time. We kept being amazed how quickly the scenary changed too. One minute it looked one way, the next it was something totally different. Amazing lakes and rivers and majestic mountains. Candy for eyes, for sure.
(Notice the burned trees in the second last picture. Forests burned by forest fires look weird. Kind of funky in a way.)

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