Thursday, July 23, 2009

{summer vacation, part X, highway 101, yaquina lighthouse}

Day 5 still. Some views from Highway 101. What a gorgeous drive. Beach after beach after beach. Amazing views. Definately worth all the driving we did to see the beauty of the west coast. We totally enjoyed the long drives.
Stopped at the Yaquina Lighthouse near Newport. There was a lovely black stone beach (such smooth stones!) and sea lions & million birds on big rocks.
What's up with all the crooked pictures? Should we rename the lighthouse Pisa? :)
The second lighthouse is Heceta Head Lighthouse. More about that in another posting.
The sunset picture is from Florence, Oregon, where our next hotel was. Not an exciting town to stay in at all. They do have amazing sand dunes though and you can do all sorts of fun sand sports there.

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