Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{let's end the year with some silly stuff}

New hobby for 2009 perhaps? :D
Mommy: "I can't go tobogganing because I'm sick."
Sienna: "You should drink some pop." (she remembered how we drank Ginger Ale pop to help the stomach flu)
Mommy: "Ginger Ale pop helps tummies but this time mommy's nose is sick."
Sienna: "I can put some of this on your nose so snot won't come out."
(she had her lipbalm in her hand, when her nose was dry from wiping it and we had put lipbalm once on her nose to help moisturize it)***
Our New Year's Eve plans? Good food and a movie at home. If we'll stay up until midnight, we'll watch the fireworks from our bedroom window.
Tomorrow is pizza making party at Jay's parents. They make awesome pizza. Jay's mom's family comes from Italy and making good pizza is important. Looking forward to the yumminess. :P
Yesterday we ended up going to a movie. We saw Valkyrie (Tom Cruise). It was like watching Titanic (which I didn't like watching at all, at least I liked this story better) because you know the movie has a sad ending. It was great to remember though that not all Germans were on Hitler's side. As usual, things aren't black and white.
Happy New Year everyone!
Hope 2009 will be a magical year in some special way for all of you.

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