Tuesday, December 16, 2008

{mormons exposed - who are they really?}

Love this guy's accent! Reminds me of my time in Northern Ireland. I thought this video was fun. There are so many misconceptions about our church out there that it's not even funny. It would be nice if people would turn to our church's resources (www.lds.org or www.mormon.org) to find out who we are and not listen to anti-mormons or people who don't like us. If you work for Mac computers, you don't want people to go to Microsoft to find out what you are about. My wish is that people will get real information about our church and leave sensationalized "news" alone (I sure don't believe all I read in papers/see on tv now that I know how much garbage they say about our church).

I flinch every time we are called Mormons too. Not that it's a bad word or anything, even many of our own church members call us that, but it just doesn't describe who we are. Mormon nickname was given to us by church haters. Because we also believe in the Book of Mormon, not just the Bible. In fact, we believe there's lots more scripture out there to be found, not just the Bible & the Book of Mormon. The Bible isn't complete unlike most Christians believe (the Bible itself mentions scripture that are lost from the Bible). All of the scripture go hand in hand (means they don't contradict each other) and testify of Jesus Christ and tells us of God's plan for us. The Bible was written by Jews and Christ's apostles, The Book of Mormon was written by people who travelled from Jerusalem to the new world (first South America and then spread to all of the Americas from there). One of these days we'll have even more scripture. Well, we already have more than these two (the book of Abraham, for example). The Book of Mormon is called that because there was a prophet called Mormon who abridged all the scripture of his day into one book. In a way, then, it is an honor to be called a Mormon. He was an amazing man, a man of God. But it's so misleading to be called that. I prefer to be called a "latter-day saint" (or even a Christian). Church members in the early church were called saints (totally different from the Catholic church's definition of a saint) and now that it's the "latter days", we add the latter-day to it to distinguish us from the early church.

Anyways, I hadn't planned to write all this. I was browsing You Tube and happened to find this video too. Knowing about stuff is good. The more you know, the less you judge/fear/hate. So there's your "little nugget of LDS info". :) You never, ever have to agree with me or believe as I do (free agency!). Just bear with me when I want to share little nippets to clarify who we are. Thanxxxxx! :)

ps. Please don't watch the videos that are linked to this video (I hate when You Tube does that). They are the "wrong stuff" about our church. Ridiculously wrong.

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