Tuesday, December 16, 2008

{missionaries singing josh gorban}

Okay, so there's lots of fun videos linked to these too. This one gets better as you go so be patient... This totally brought back so many fun memories from my mission and even from before when I used to hang out with the missionaries a lot in Finland. I'll tell you about one incident. I used to live in my own apartment (18-21 years) and I had my own front entrance with a little yard and everything. One evening I was coming home and was close to my front entrance when I just about got a heart attack! Someone was running really fast behind me and I thought I was being attacked. Next thing I know I was totally soaked! The elders (the guy missionaries) threw two buckets full of water on me!!! :D It was so funny!!! :D

Okay, another one... I had had the missionaries over for supper one day. The next morning I proceeded to wash my hair (in the sink, I was in a hurry) and just about died as the water was red!! It took me a minute to figure out what was going on - the elders had put Koolaid (juice) powder in my showerhead. :D

Okay, another one... :D As you can imagine a "war" broke out between the elders and the sister missionaries and me. Us girls got some raw fish, put it in a paper bag and hid it really well in the mission office where some of these elders were working. :D

You'll never look at the "mormon" missionaries quite the same, I'm sure. :D

Now, s a n s k u :), stop watching these videos and go play with Sienna. :D

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