Tuesday, December 2, 2008

{powdered sugar}

Cute, cute, cute!
scrap*chick/two peas in a bucket
Someone sprinkled some powdered sugar everywhere outside. At least that's what it looks like. The tiniest sprinkling of snow on the ground.
Started putting up the Christmas tree up yesterday and realized that I haven't made new ornaments as I had planned. Figures.
I'm dreaming of a new tree. Cream/the lightest beige (straw) colored one with white lights already attached in the tree (no strings). But I'm not willing to spend tons of money on a new tree and I don't know if I'd even find the kind of tree I'm dreaming about. But a girl can dream, right? By the way, I would have a real tree but I'm allergic to the snow mold in them. Hence the fake tree is okay attitude. And might as well go out of your way to have a totally fake looking tree as no one is fooled by the green color anyways. :) Logic by s a n s k u :). :)
I love it how in Finland people still often use real candles on their tree. If you keep your tree well watered, it is okay. Us kids never went near the tree but of course you'd never leave the tree & the kids unsupervised. I loved the real candles and then the added sparkle sticks. The tree always looked magical when they were all lit up. No such magic in our house due to allergies. Rats. :)
ps. In case you weren't following my blog last year - I blogged about all kinds of Christmas stuff. Tons of ideas under the Christmas label on the right.


  1. SAnsku, voisitko laittaa minulle meililla/tahan kommenttiloodaan sahkopostiosoitteesi, jotta voisin laittaa sinulle meilitse kutsun yksityiseen blogiini. Merci ;)

  2. marita: mina myos :)

    m'man: maxx (at) telusplanet (dot) net


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