Tuesday, December 30, 2008

{olla taydemmin tassa}

me lovey this art installation by Jacob Hashimoto at rice gallery - houston

Me likey Lotta Jansdotter's stuff.
*lotta jansdotter
Hoping a miracle of peace for the Palestine people and the Israelis. And for anyone else who is suffering in this world for that matter.

picture - ann beck
Sienna asks to make cards all the time now. These were made with her new glitter markers. When she colored the flowers she kept saying "blue and yellow makes green... pink and blue makes purple...".

I won't have to buy cards anymore. :)
Jay took Sienna tobogganing yesterday. I was bummed I couldn't go too but I was home sick. Good thing for hot chocolate to stop the teeth from clattering. :)

Another mellow day at home today as I'm not 100% still. I love doing puzzles with Sienna. Robin is coming back from his mom's and gets to open his gifts. Then I can put all the Christmas stuff away.
New shelves in our tv room. It's starting to look like a real room now. Still need to organize much though before I can share pictures.
mina rakastan hautausmaita
mullantuoksuista hamaraa
sadepaivia joutilaita

heinasirkkojen sirinaa
mina tahdon syntya sylissas
ja kuolla kuiskien sulle
pienia sanoja sydamen
runoja rakastetulle
mina rakastan tata elamaa
elamaa kaikkineen
pimeita polkuja, aurinkoteita
raakoja omppuja, rinkeleita
iloa, surua, ikavaa
mina rakastan elamaa
mina rakastan kappyrapuita
kesan lamminta huminaa
pikkuvauvojen naurusuita
talven laulua valkeaa
tahdon antaa itseni sinulle
ja olla taydemmin tassa
tanssia nauraen kanssasi
kasteessa kimmeltavassa
sanat: tomi aholainen
naita sanoja laulaa tata kirjoittaessani: johanna kurkela

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