Saturday, February 14, 2009

{love + hugs + all that other good stuff}

Something wacky going on with this posting. With the pictures. But...
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Especially for my one and only True Love. I'm sorry this month has totally sucked as Sienna and I have been sick. I love you lots + lots + lots + lots + lots! Y
Some pictures of exotic brides to celebrate love. Traditional brides from India, Kenya, Japan, Lapland and a Jewish bride from Yemen.
This Valentine's Day snuck up on me. I knew it was coming but it's here today. Thank goodness I had already bought a little gift for Sienna at least. We'll also hide some chocolate hearts around the house and she can search for them. Otherwise a pretty sucky V's Day as we're still sick. Sienna and I spent two hours at the doctor's office yesterday only to find out that it's a virus and medicine won't help. It was good to know that at least. No secondary infections going on or something like that. There should be a way for shorter doctor's visits, don't you think. I'm sure someone could come up with a system to make the wait shorter. Sienna was waiting so nicely though. I had brought things for her to do.
The trees were unbelievable yesterday! White from frost and snow. I was mentally snapping tons of pictures as we were driving to the doctor's office. Absolutely gorgeous! I so love trees!
We stopped at a store on our way home to get something and guess what I saw? The next month's magazine! Yep, I just got the February one and the March one is already in stores! That sucks! How can there be a month's difference? Me not likey! Grrh.
Well, lots of hugs for you all!
It sucks to be sick on this special day. I love Valentine's Day. Maybe we'll celebrate a bit more later when this stupid illness is finally gone.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Sanna-Miina!!

  2. Hyvää Ystävän Päivää ja pikaista paranemista! Meidän jengi on jollain ihmeen kantamalla selvinnyt flunssasta toistaiseksi. Paitsi nyt, kun tämän kirjoitin, niin eiköhän viimeistään maanantaina olla sairaita.

    Minä myös vasta eilen tajusin, että tänään on 14. päivä, joten ohi meni. Meillä on ollut tapana aina paistaa vohveleita ystävän päivänä, mutta vohvelirautakin on kaikkien muiden tavaroiden kanssa kateissa. Tein sen sijaan banaanipirtelöt ja ajattelin huomenna paistaa lettuja.

    Teidän sydänten piilottelu kuulostaa hauskalta, taidan kopioida tuleville vuosille! Me likey :D

  3. Ihania kameleita alemmassa postauksessa!!

    Ja aina jaksan hämmästellä mistä löydät näitä muitakin ihania kuvia!

    Mukavaa viikonlopun jatkoa blogikamuni!


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