Sunday, February 1, 2009

{must have}

Nanna gave me a "your blog is fabulous" award (thaaaaaanx!) and challenged me to tell about five things I'm addicted to or can't live without.
1. Turun punainen sinappi. The above Finnish mustard. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't go and buy it from the local German store. Someone would have to send it to me regularly. The only true mustard. :)
2. Salmiakki. Salty licorice. Same thing. I get it from the German store. Every once in awhile I just have to have some.
3. A car. Couldn't live without it. Public transportation here in Edmonton isn't even close to what it is in Helsinki. I love it that I can go to places easily. Sure makes grocery shopping easier too. At times I miss taking the bus or metro in Helsinki (I even dream about it) but until they upgrade Edmonton's LRT to go everywhere, my car is it for me.
4. Hand washing. Same as Nanna. I have to wash my hands as soon as I come home from somewhere and many times a day. I can't stand dirty hands.
5. Our dryer. I'm not into hanging clothes outside on clothing lines. Bad memories of spiders creeping in my clothing. I love our dryer. I love getting nice, soft, warm clothes out of the dryer. No wrinkles. I'd rather give up our dishwasher than our dryer.
6. I might as well add one more - our central humidifier. It gets sooooooo dry here in Alberta.
7. I don't have it yet but I'd like to be addicted to a water softener too. Our water is really hard. Bad for your hair, skin, clothes...
Needless to say that on the list should be such things as my family, faith, all the modern conveniences, the Internet, electricity, heat...
Once again I'd hate to leave anyone out so I give this award to everyone on my blog list and I'd love to hear what you all are addicted to as well.


  1. Onneksi saat Turun Sinappia sieltä! Se on parasta :)

  2. Onnentytto todella. Taalta loytyy vain Pandan lakuja, siina kaikki.
    Meilla on lapsetkin opetettu kasien pesulle niin, etta saanevat siita riesan/ilon itselleen loppuiaksi.:)

  3. niina: Ikava olisi jos en saisi. Pitaisi hatistella jotakin lahettamaan vahan valia.

    pikkujutut: Taalta loytyy lakut ja salmiakit. Onneksi. Valilla on ihan PAKKO saada salmiakkia. :) Toivottavasti sulle joku sita lahettaa aina. Mummoltani sain kasienpesutavan. Hyva tapa.

  4. hope you're all feeling better... we are just getting over a cold here. we need to get together sometime. does sienna still nap?

  5. hey sanna-miina! you're talking about the german store... you must be talking about k&k... we go there all the time too for rye bread, prezels, wurstie (weiners) and pretzels).

    hope you are all feeling better... we miss you!

    <3 janna


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