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{another version of the personal history questions}

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This is the version I was looking for so I'll put this one in here as well. My blog = my filing system. :)
Life was not meant to be bottled up forever. This jar is jam-packed with 160 delicious and interesting questions to inspire you to celebrate something very important...YOU!
Combine a generous slice of your life history with a dash of nostalgia and several cups of facts and feelings. Fold in several sheets of photographs.
If you will follow this simple recipe, you will find that by this time next year, you will have one very delicious, personal history finished. All you need to do is draw out one slip of paper daily or weekly...On it you will find a question. Spend a few minutes or just enjoy remembering. Then mount the question at the top of a blank page and begin to write and mount photos or other memorabilia and answer the question. Don't worry about the spelling, handwriting, etc. Just tell YOUR story! This product was prepared to preserve your life as a message. Enjoy the scrumptious, homemade memories.
· What lessons did you take as a child? Did any carry over into adulthood?
· Describe your first job.
· What is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you?
· What was the worst thing that ever happened to you?
· Did you have a close relationship with any of your grandparents? Tell about it.
· What were your father's best traits? His worst? What traits do you share?
· Describe your Sundays as a child.
· Tell about your favorite Aunt or Uncle
· What is your advice for good health?
· How many brothers and sisters do you have? Tell about each of them.
· Tell about a practical joke that was played on you or that you played on someone else.
· What did you do when you were a child that got you in the most trouble and how did your parents handle it?
· What are some of the superstitions that you remember growing up with?
· Describe your parent's courtship and wedding as best you can.
· What is the most important lesson, message, or advice that you have learned that you might pass on to others?
· What convinced you most in your choice of a spouse?
· Tell something about each of your children, their personalities, their talents, and the traits that make them each special and unique.
· Write a want ad that describes your spouse.
· Tell about a frustrating experience you have had with a car.
· Did it snow where you lived as a child? What kinds of things did you do when it snowed?
· Describe a typical day during your high school years.
· What are your favorite colors, flowers, food, activities and hobbies?
· Tell about a special date you had with a girl/boyfriend.
· What things do you enjoy today that you enjoyed doing as a child?Describe them then and now.
· How did you like being the oldest, youngest or middle child? What were the advantages and disadvantages?
· Do you have a favorite author - who? why?
· Describe a trip downtown as a youngster.
· Tell about your favorite books as a child, youth, adult.
· What kinds of chores were you responsible for while you were growing up? Tell about them.
· What board games or card games did you play while growing up? Who did you play with?
· Did you ever go bowling? Tell about it.
· What were swimming suits like when you were young?
· Tell about an experience with one of your children's teachers.
· Were you ever lost as a child? Tell about it.
· Did you ever break a bone or have stitches? Tell about it.
· What were you afraid of as a child? Why? Did this fear follow you into adulthood?
· Tell about a time in your life when you were surprised. Tell about a time that you surprised someone.
· Tell about sibling rivalry within your family.
· Describe your room as a child. Did you have your own room or have to share it with a sibling? Tell some experiences.
· Do you remember your family getting a new piece of furniture, a new car or something similar when you were a child?
· Tell about what you did while visiting your grandparents or aunt and uncle.
· Did you ever roller skate, ice skate, ski, or something similar?
· Did you share any special interest with your mother or father?
· Did you walk to school or ride a bus?
· Where did you live while growing up? (city, state, country)
· What was one of your favorite treats as a child?
· Did your grandmother make any special desserts or food that you enjoyed?
· Tell about a time that you helped someone in time of need.
· Tell about a time that someone helped you in time of need.
· Tell about your first car.
· Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? Or been one?
· Tell about your first serious boy/girlfriend.
· What form of transportation did you have while growing up?
· Tell about a party that you hosted at your house or your parent's house.
· Tell about a disastrous experience.
· Did you ever save money for a big purchase?
· Did you go to college or have vocational training - where or when?
· What do you think about movies - what is your favorite movie and why?
· Who was your best friend while you were growing up? Do you still associate with them?
· What did your parents do for work while you were growing up?
· What is your favorite book?
· Tell about an experience you had with your friends while growing up.
· Tell about the most trying experience you have ever had.
· Tell about going to a high school dance.
· Describe the places where you hung out with your friends as a teenager.Tell about a person in school who was mean or snobby.
· Tell about a double date.
· What games did you play in your neighborhood?
· Tell about some of your family traditions - Christmas, birthdays, Graduation, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, hunting, funerals, weddings, Mothers and Fathers Day.
· Do you remember any outstanding family trips or vacations?
· Tell about where you were and what you remember at the time of a historic event in your lifetime.
· Did you have a bicycle? What was it like?
· Describe a childhood birthday.
· Describe a childhood Christmas.
· Describe a typical school day as a child in elementary school.
· What education did you receive other than at school?
· What was your favorite place to go with your family when you were young?
· Tell about retirement. When, where and what will you do (or are you doing) with your time?
· Write one sentence that tells "how to live successfully".
· Would you choose differently if you could choose occupations again? Why? Any advice?
· What was your most embarrassing moment?
· Describe the most serious illness or accident you have had.
· Describe your first home as a young couple.
· Describe your wedding day.
· Did you have a job as a child? (paper route, lawn mowing, babysitting, etc.)
· What were some of your favorite playground activities?
· What fragrance would you say takes you back in time and what does it remind you of?
· Where did you go to meet new people when you were in your youth?
· Tell about your temperament as a child - has it changed?
· Did you ever set anything on fire or know someone who did?
· Did you ever get a spanking? Grounded? Tell about what you did and the punishment.
· Tell about a star gazing experience.
· Have you ever spent any time out of the USA?
· Describe how the ways of doing household chores was different when you were growing up than it is today.
· Did you ever have a favorite scary story while you were growing up? What was it about?
· Did you ever have a graveyard or a haunted house experience?
· Did you ever keep a secret about someone? Are you still keeping it today? Tell about it if you can!
· Tell about going to the County Fair or the amusement park when you were a child.
· Describe getting a Christmas tree with your family as a child. Tell when and how it was decorated.
· Tell about "hand-me-downs" you received or gave.
· Tell about the "Tooth Fairy" and other personages you remember.
· Tell about learning a skill from either of your parents, cooking, sewing, cleaning, fixing things, etc.
· Describe what you think it is like to live with you.
· Describe one of your favorite outfits of all time...a dress, shoes, shirt, hat.
· How did you feel about school?
· Were you or do you remember anyone in your school class being punished by a teacher?
· List and tell about at least three good qualities about yourself.
· What do you feel has been the most significant event that has taken place in your lifetime and how has it affected you?
· Tell something you remember about your relationship with your grandfather.
· Tell something you remember about your relationship with your grandmother.
· Tell about the homes you lived in as a child. Do you remember any of the addresses or telephone numbers? Who lived next door?
· Tell about your involvement with a civic or political group.
· Did you grow up with music in your family?
· Tell about a bully in your neighborhood or at school.
· Name the most romantic song you can remember and tell why.
· Make a list of the things in your junk drawer and tell why you are keeping them.
· Tell about some of the most exciting experiences with scouting.
· List a few of the simple things in life that make you smile and tell why.
· Name the personality trait you most admire and tell why. Do you know many people with this trait?
· Do you remember your favorite childhood fantasy?
· Did your mother or grandmother sew, quilt, knit or crochet? Tell about things made.
· Describe a typical day in your life from what time you get up in the morning to bedtime.
· Tell about being a grandparent. Name your grandchildren.
· How did you feel when you first became a grandparent?
· Tell about how, when and where you learned to drive a car. Any accidents or tickets?
· Tell about a special anniversary.
· Did you have a childhood hideout? Where? Describe it. What kinds of things did you do there?
· Tell about religion practiced in your home.
· Tell of a time that you felt God was there to help you in your struggles.
· Tell about the experience or person you feel was the most influence in your life.
· Was there a special teacher in your life? (Not necessarily in a school environment).
· Tell about the changes in society in general you have seen in your lifetime.
· Tell about the changes in morality you have seen during your lifetime.
· Tell about fashion trends you have seen in your life, what you wore as a child, teen, and adult.
· Tell about a food that you hated as a you like it now?
· If you could be an animal what would you be and why?
· Write about a "one on one" experience you had with your father.
· Write about a "one on one" experience you had with your mother.
· Tell a story your mother told you from her past.
· Were you ever in a drama or speech class, on a sports team, or in a club?
· What is one of the most exciting places you have ever visited? What made it so exciting?
· Tell about a camping or fishing experience.

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