Sunday, May 31, 2009

(spiritual stuff included in this posting but it's about scrapbooking too :)}

I can't sleep for the life of me. I think it's because my nose is totally stuffed up. Or maybe because I'm still wired from the Heidi Swapp event today. My very first scrapbooking seminar! Yesterday I thought I wouldn't be able to go. I couldn't even move, I was so sick. I had literally zero energy. Couldn't even shower. I was crying as I was so disappointed about the thought of not being able to go to this event. I had hoped Jay could have given me a priesthood blessing (worthy men in our church hold the priesthood and they can give blessings to sick people or if they are in some other need) but Jay has been so busy with work, working late every night. I was desperate yesterday so I called the elders (male missionaries) to come and give me a blessing. Just so you know - not every time you get a blessing when you're sick you get healed. You have to listen carefully to the words if they even promise you healing. Most of the time the blessing promises you comfort to endure and you feel emotionally & spiritually strengthened during your illness/trial. There is a reason why we need to be sick in this life. It would frustrate God's plan for us if we were healed every time. I have only been healed once before even though I've had many blessings while sick. I was praying hard that Heavenly Father would allow me to get well enough to attend this special occasion. When the elder said "comfort AND healing" in the blessing and that I would be able to do all the things I need to do, I knew I'd be able to go. Prior to the blessing, I was freezing even though it was +24C. I had a long sleeved shirt on and everything. Right after the blessing, I got really hot and knew that my fever was gone. All of a sudden I had energy. It was like night and day. So now I can say I have been healed twice while sick. Well, this time partially. I still have a stuffed up nose and a bit of a cough. But no fever and I have energy. What I needed.
You readers don't need to believe this or anything. I mainly wrote this down for myself. I always want to remember how I felt Heavenly Father's love for me and how I was able to attend this event only because of Him.
I don't have my own pictures uploaded yet so I got these pictures from Heidi's blog. These are all the products we received. Lots & lots. All in a cute shiny silver House of 3 bag. We made an "energy journal" and also five layouts using distress ink. I still have to finish my projects before I can show you pictures. I did the main things but left the decorating part to do at home when I can think better how I want to decorate everything. The last picture in this posting shows a peak of the layouts done with ink. Mine won't look that good so you might as well just look at those ones. :) Inking isn't my forte by any means.

Special part for me was when I sat down for lunch with Karly, Talia & Kim (who were helping Heidi with the seminar) and Heidi and her friend sat down with us as well. She told us about some of her personal experiences and it was really touching. I felt special to be able to share in that experience.

Jay & Sienna & Robin spent the day getting training wheels for Sienna's new bike. And a helmet and I guess she wanted knee pads too. :) They also bought a kite and went to fly it. Sienna's a bit sick still too. Hope we'll both be 100% soon so we can start enjoying summer again.

Still wide awake. What am I going to do to get to sleep?

If you haven't checked out Heidi's blog yet then please do. I must say that her projects look even better in real life. She brought some of them for us to see and they were gorgeous. She's THE bling bling girl. :) Even her beautiful flip flops were bling bling. :)

*heidi swapp

*house of three


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