Sunday, May 31, 2009

{heidi swapp in edmonton}

Here are some of my pictures from "Edmonton All Day with Heidi Swapp".
My big House of 3 bag that had all the goodies in it.
Heidi telling us the story behind the Energy Journal idea.
We all signed this booklet for Heidi.
Our conference room. I was sitting right behind these ladies in the front.
I took a lot of pictures before I realized my flash was turned off. Pay attention, sansku, pay attention... :)
Something about this old chandelier made me take a picture of it. :)
A quick peak for you of some of the projects Heidi brought with her.
Heidi's Home Album. Just few of the pages.
Check the House of 3 web site if you're interested in buying any of these kind of kits. There's lots of awesome stuff there. Digital stuff so people who don't have a scrapbooking store where they live can just print out stuff and still scrapbook. They are very handy for those of us also who have a scrapbooking store nearby. Just another fun way to scrapbook.

I fell in love with this black plastic (I know, I still liked it) bling bling heart. :) It was so big and bulky.

A layout she had made using the same inking technique we practiced that day. Heidi has five cute, cute kids.
Loved this heart she had made with ink and rubberstamps.
There you have it. Just a peak. :)
I'm sure this won't be the only scrapbooking event I'll go to. I'm hooked. :)


  1. Kiva,että voit jo paremmin ja pääsit sräppitilaisuukseen.
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  2. Oi miten inspiroivaa. Jännä nähdä, että scräppäystyyli over there on vähän "runsaampaa" kuin täällä. Sivulle mahtuu paljon kaikenlaista.
    Pitäisi ottaa scräppimateriaalit esille, mutta kun pitäisi niin paljon muutakin.

  3. Ihania kuvia! Tekis niin mieli päästä tutkimaan niitä vähän lähemmin!

  4. These are beautiful! So glad you were able to attend this awesome event and that you're feeling better. (Hope your daughter feels better too & has lots of fun on her new bike!) We need to get one of the tires repaired on my little boy's bike- he is just "dying" to ride it! I am so thankful for priesthood blessings too! It's great that you wrote this experience down. I really believe these are some of the most important events to "journal" for our children/posterity to be able to read and learn from. I really need to get my journal out and write about our last couple of Family Home Evenings. (They've been really special & I'm afraid I'll forget!)


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