Wednesday, May 27, 2009

{please oh please}

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I'm sick. I'm tired. I'm achey breaky. I'm worried that I won't be well by Saturday - Heidi Swapp scrapbooking event here in Edmonton and I'm registered (!!!). Please, oh please, let me be well by then!
Sienna's been so good today playing by herself. I honestly have had no energy to do much with her. Well, you still have to "do stuff": find baby clothes for her doll, make lunch, read books, get this, get that, help with this, help with that, I even learned how to play "balloon soccer" while laying on the couch :).... I'm counting seconds when Jay gets home and I can crash. Such is life at times. To top it all, my hips are killing me today. I can barely move. I was in a car accident when I was little (a car hit me and I flew in the air & landed hard, I couldn't walk for hours) and my hips have always been kind of wacky. One of these days they'll have to give me a hip replacement.
Sorry about complaining. I just feel like "it was yesterday" when I was sick for six weeks. Atleast you have pretty pictures to look at. :)

Jay's been working long hours. First he goes to boot camp in downtown at six in the morning. Comes home, showers, eats, works in scortching sun all day (if he's lucky it's not too hot or it doesn't rain either), comes home, showers, plays with Sienna/puts her to bed, eats, goes back to work. He gets home again at around 9.30pm. Just on time to go to bed. I don't know how he does it. My Superhero.


  1. Voi sentään..Toivottavasti pääset osallistumaan skräppäys-tapahtumaan!Paranemisia!
    Nuo cupcaket-ihania.Ei enenpää herkkujen kuvia mulle kiitos ;)

  2. Voi että :(

    Toivoisin niin kovasti Sinun pääsevän tuonne scrappaystapahtumaan!! Pikaista paranemista ja tsemppiä!

  3. Kiitti ystavat. Jos en parane niin pitaa vaan popsia alysti laakkeita etta jaksan menna. Pakko paasta. :)

  4. So sorry to hear you weren't feeling better. I know what it's like to "try" and get some rest when your sick while counting down the hours and minutes until Daddy comes home to take over. I'm not feeling physically sick today, but my heart feels a little sick as I just put my nearly one-year-old in her crib while she was very upset. Usually she does a great job laying down for naps, but not the past couple of days. I think she is really tired, mixed with getting one-year-old molars (I gave her a little infant tylenol)... And maybe she just doesn't feel good. So, I didn't hold her as she cried, I just put her in her crib. Now I feel really bad! I think she's gone to sleep now as it's quiet. I'll go check on her and I'll keep my fingers crossed that she wakes up feeling better and that you'll feel better too!

  5. jennifer: Us moms have such guilt issues, don't we? None of us ever feel like we're doing everything right. I'm sure your little one will love to cuddle with you after her nap and all is well. Today I'm even worse than yesterday. No energy whatsoever. I can barely even walk and had a hard time even lifting a cup. I feel bad that I don't have any energy to do stuff with Sienna. But kids survive and then soon it's all better again. Thank goodness S plays pretty well by herself. We do the best we can.


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