Thursday, January 14, 2010

{california vacation, day 12, disneyland, part VI}

right next to disneyland is disney way, a shopping/restaurant area, where anyone can go to (without purchasing a ticket that is). the trees were gorgeous with their thousands of lights. the pictures don't do any justice at all.

loved the anne geddes boutique.
vinylmation is sort of a modern version of disney stuff.
this big picture was made out of legos. found this at the lego store.
great athmosphere. street musicians etc.

by the time the first fireworks started, sienna had zonked out on jay's lap.
there were smiley face fireworks as well!

not a bad way to spend new year's eve. not bad at all. the most memorable new year's eve for us in a long time.
i do have to mention that parking is a disaster at disneyland. it used to be just fine until they made some major changes in the area (they added the california adventure park, for example). you might want to consider parking far away and bussing it there. or stay in one of the disney hotels right close by.


  1. Ihania kuvia.Hauskaa nähdä Disneyland jouluisena!
    Meillä asuu ystäviä Californiassa.Siksi haaveilen pääsystä tuonne takaisin.Vaikka olisi se Orlandonkin varmaan hieno tai Pariisinkin.Tosin Pariisista olen kuullut ,että ei vedä vertoja juuri noille Usan vastaaville.
    Tuo Anne Geddes olisi ollut hieno nähdä.Aukesi sinne samana syksynä myöhemmin.Ja saahan niitä vaatteita tilata netistäkin ja kortteja ja muita ihan täältäkin.
    Ihana matka teillä on ollut kerta kaikkiaan!
    Hyviä viikonloppuja!

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your Disneyland pictures, and I am even more excited for our day we'll spend there!


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