Monday, January 11, 2010

{california vacation, day 8, the san diego zoo, part II)

the one elephant kept eating stuff from the other elephant's mouth :D

this secretary bird really charmed me.

hoo! hoo! :)

llamas are so cute! this guy loved to pose.
check out this tree trunk! wow.
we saw some massive trees.
i don't care who complains about me using the word fun a lot. cacti are so fun!

oh how i love giraffes!

this little one was less than a month old. awww!
the cutest donkey i've ever seen.

we ended up our day with this fun :) ride from one end of the zoo to the other.
there's san diego for ya. we didn't see much of it actually. hope we get to go back some day.

the gift shop had awesome african stuff. i could have bought it all. :)

especially this one. me lovey, lovey, lovey!

someone had done this to their car = a christmas car. yikes!
next: bye bye san diego. hello hacienda heights.


  1. Heh! Hymyilen leveästi ajatukselle, että minäkin lienen eräänlainen secretary bird ;D

    Terveisiä toimistosta vaan :D

  2. Sulla on kyllä täällä ollut valtavasti kuvia! Ja niin tuttuja paikkoja :)

    Harmi ettei nähty. Ajattelin kyllä sua kun palasimme pohjoisesta, mut kun ei ollut mitään numeroa tai muuta kontaktitietoa..

  3. tanja: :)

    merja: ajattelin sua siella ollessa. en halunnut tuputtaa visiittia mitenkaan. ehka seuraavalla kerralla...


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