Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{california vacation, day 4, san diego temple}

day 4, december 23rd
what can i say? the san diego temple is
like a piece of heaven dropped on earth.
jay's mom took care of sienna (they toured the temple grounds and took pictures etc) while the rest of us went to a session and toured the temple inside.
there were two large nativities on the temple grounds.
yesterday i looked through my latest dwell magazine and to my surprise they wrote about the san diego temple! this is what the article says about it:
"Perhaps the strangest building in town (san diego) is the Mormon church near the freeway. It's straight out of Narnia.
The San Diego California Temple along Interstate 5 is definitely an interesting building. I like that a local, relatively unknown architect was used to design it and that he wasn't afraid to address a major freeway where most buildings turn their backs. I appreciate the level of care and detail that went into the church, unlike the trend in many Southern California churches to look more like movie-theater complexes. The Mormon temple harkens a fantastical, contemporary structure that I'm sure is inspiring to its members and to many in the community at large. It's a building that people either love or hate - which is great for architecture."
the architect who wrote about his favorite places to visit in san diego is aaron anderson. our temple was #4 on his list.
other stuff we did on day 4:
quick visit to our church's bookstore.
jay and sienna swam in the hotel pool and soaked in the hottub.
went shopping at a mall.
ps. there are legolands in denmark, england and germany too if anyone in europe is interested in going.


  1. On se hieno :)

    Ihania kaikki nämä lomakuvat, myös siellä toisessa osoitteessa ♥

    Ja kivoja vauvanimiä ♥ Ihanan hassu tuo kuva!

  2. It really is a gorgeous temple!


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